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Kit stolen in Barnes, London – 30/08/20

Your Name         : Alick Cotterill

Your organisation : Alick Ltd

Telephone         : 07811875724

E-mail Address    :

List the main items of kit stolen.: Sony 24-105 f4 OSS G lens SN1974715 Sony FX9 camera body SN4000388 Sony 16-35 2.8 GM lens SN S011835292G

Sony 24-70 2.8 GM lens SN          S011985367P

Smallhd Cine 7 V-mount

Teradek Bolt RX and TX

Many many other items.

How was the theft carried out?  Please supply as much detail as possible.:

Police details and crime number: Crime ref 0709197/20

Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community: Stolen from the middle of Barnes, London UK, on Fri 28th Aug between 7-11pm.

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Equipment stolen from Mills Studio

Kit stolen from Mills Studio, UK, during CV 19 lockdown.

If you come across any of the equipment below, please contact

Darryl Wood

Spinning Mirror

34 Ironbark Ave

Flagstaff Hill

SA 5159



Office: +61 8 8358 6021

Mobile: +61 409 690 406


Skype: darrylwood


Red Dragon 6k Camera – sn 0405  – £10,000

Arri Follow Focus £2,500

Arri Matte Box– sn 1185 – £2,400

Zeiss Super Speed MK3 18mm– sn 7937242 –  £15,000

Zeiss Super Speed MK3 25mm – sn 8146327 –  £15,000

Zeiss Super Speed MK3 35mm – sn 8151443 –  £15,000

Zeiss Super Speed MK3 50mm – sn 7973340 –  £15,000

Zeiss Super Speed MK3 85mm – sn 8146990 –  £15,000

14mm Panashpheron  sn 060 £5,000 –

Zeiss MK2 135mm  £7,000 sn 6644110

Angenieux Anamorphic HR zoom 25-250mm £12,500

Angenieux 15-40mm Optimo Zoom £20,000 – sn 2082087

Terdek 500 Bolt (1 transmitter, 2 receivers) £2,500





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Kit stolen during filming – Belgium

From: Looking for …AVPRO (Amboto Video Pro) <>
Sent: 04 December 2019 18:43


Dear All / Bonjour à tous

Notre client s’est fait volé la série Cooke S4 suivante lors d’un tournage en Belgique le 1er Decembre 2019:
The following lenses were stolen from one of our clients during a shoot in Belgium on December 1st 2019:

16mm Cooke S4 T2  n°16-966
18mm Cooke S4 T2  n°18-0265
21mm Cooke S4 T2 n°21-252
25mm Cooke S4 T2  n°25-0268
27mm Cooke S4 T2 n°27-129
40mm Cooke S4 T2 n°40-0321
65mm Cooke S4 T2 n°65-1105
75mm Cooke S4 T2 n°75-0269
100mm Cooke S4  T2 n°100-0265
135mm Cooke S4 T2 n°319

Please distibute this to your branch offices and do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any information
Merci de faire circuler cette liste dans vos bureaux et n’hésitez pas à me contacter directement si vous avez des informations

Thank you / Merci
Deputy Managing Director – Technologies

9 rue des Fillettes
93210, Saint Denis
+33 1 4917 6000

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Equipment theft: ES Broadcast Hire

We’ve had a large amount of equipment stolen, should you be approached with a view to purchase this equipment, please contact us:


1x EVS Channel Max


1x Canon UJ90 Digisuper lens


4x Canon XJ95 Digisuper lenses





1x Canon HJ40x10 lens


6x Canon HJ14x4 lenses







1x Canon HJ22x7


10x Canon FPJ-D12 Digi shot boxes











3x Vinten Vector 750 Heads




3x Vinten HDt2 Tripods




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Kit stolen during a break-in – February 2019

The following kit was stolen in February 2019 during a break in.  If you come across any of the items listed below, please contact your local Police or Xhire.



Broke open through the front door with tools using two stolen VW cars. Knew the barrier codes to our estate car park. Sachtler camera bags were then recovered a few miles away in B&Q Park Royal.

Arri Amira EF/PL Premium Licence S/N:  K1.71700.0-16345

Sony FS7 MK II S/N: 32664

Sony FS7 Mk I S/N: 38592

Canon EF C300 Mk II S/N: 963100000071

Canon EF C300 Mk II S/N: 963282600090

Canon EF C300 Mk I S/N: 533701300046

Panasonic 17” Monitor S/N: 19TWA1120

SmallHD1703-P3 S/N: 1703S200101

Teradek Bolt 300 TX S/N: 93102948A

Teradek Bolt 300 RX S/N: 93203852C

SmallHD 502 Bright S/N: 52BS182430634

3x Sony PVM740 7” Monitors

Arri 1.2K HMI S/N: 2870

Sony A7s II w/ Movcam Cage

Macbook Pro 13”


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Kit stolen from a van – London

Any information:  Please contact Martyn: +44 20 7524 7777


Kit Stolen


Peli 1550 Case Containing:


SO7114           SN: 15653675             1x Zeiss ZF 28mm Lens

SO7120           SN: 15661100             1x Zeiss ZF 35mm Lens

SO7103           SN: 15636698             1x Zeiss ZF 50mm Lens

SO7117           SN: 15650905             1x Zeiss ZF 85mm Lens

SO7132           SN: 15589216             1x Zeiss ZF 100mm Lens


Canon Black And Grey Lens Pouch Containing:



SO9306           SN: 3670710               1x Canon 100mm EF Lens F2.8 (Macro)


Peli 1520 Case Containing:



SO4265           SN: 3773620               1x Sony A7S MK II Camera Body



SO4651           SN: 4002208               1x Sony K1M XLR Audio Unit

SO4652           SN: NSN                                 1x Sony Microphone



SO2759           BN: E8CLA 2EH       1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery

SO4369           SN: E5EKJ1EC          1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery

SO****.                                                          1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery

SO2756           BN: E8CLA 2EH       1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery



SO4382           SN: 15068014453       1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery Charger



SO05939 SN: A1014014232  1x Metabones Speed Booster



2x Sandisk 128GB SD Cards – F10, F21



SO4649           SN: 303-2402              1x Movcam Riser Block

SO4852           SN: 303-2203              1x Movcam LWS Baseplate




Peli 1320 Case Containing:



SO4952           SN: 502-05206            1x SmallHD 502 5” Monitor

SO3057           SN: NSN                                 1x SmallHD 502 Sidefinder




SO3838           SN: NSN                                 1x Canon LP-E6 Battery

SO3112           SN: 502-05206            1x Canon LP-E6N Battery

SO3113           SN: 201607                 1x Canon LP-E6N Battery

SO****           SN: NSN                                 1x Canon LP-E6 Battery



SO4136           SN: XLBA                  1x Canon LCE6-E Battery Charger



SO4338           SN: NSN                                 1x Hawkwoods LR12A DTAP Dummy


S+O Branded Long Canvas Zipped Bag Containing:


SO9415           SN: 0310-1432            1x Dedo 400w HMI Head

SO9416           SN: 0212-4806            1x Dedo 400w HMI Ballast


Large Blue Envelope Style Bag Containing:



1x Flag Kit – 2x Large, 2x Medium, 2x Small (Large Blue Envelope Style Bag)



Large Blue and Grey Crate Containing:



1x 12×12 Black Out Drape


Large Blue and Grey Crate Containing:



1x Box of 13a Extensions – 1x 13a Drum, 1x 13a Cassette, 2x 13a 4 Ways (Large Blue and Grey Crate)


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Kit stolen from a vehicle – London

The following kit was stolen from Jurrit Gryseels, a cameraman from Belgium. On the afternoon of February 19th, his car was broken into at NCP Shaftesbury car park near Covent Garden during a job for the Flemish public broadcaster.

The thieves stole  the following equipment from his car:


AMIRA Camera Set with Advanced License CAM SN 16682 VF SN 2667
Zeiss Compact Prime – CZ.2 28-80/T2.9 EF – metric SN 50037522
Sony A7s sn 3786171 with Zeiss lens 16-35 sn 1859983
Paralinx Ace SDI SN : 0126300609 Paralinx ACE S/N : 0126300271
WOODEN CAMERA – 239000 –
Director’s Monitor Cage V2
Blackmagic Video Assist 4K SN :4921489
Sound Devices 633 mixer with integrated 10-track recorder SN LL0515040013
6 x gopro (5 & 6)
70-200 canon zoom


If any of these items would turn up in (online) secondhand stores, online auctions or other places, please let him know or contact the police.


Jurrit Gryseels: +32475299240

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Stolen Lenses

The following lenses have been reported to us as stolen.  If you know of their wherabouts, please contact Xhire.

ULTRAPRIME  16mm SN 8958897 ULTRAPRIME  20mm SN 8943795 ULTRAPRIME  135mm SN 8960929

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Kit stolen from a van in London NW5

The following items were stolen from a van in NW5

If you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of any of the items listed below, please contact Jon Howarth. Tel: 020 8343 1260, or Xhire 

Cooke S4i MINI (Panchro) 18mm – serial number 8018-0233
Cooke S4i MINI (Panchro) 25mm – serial number 8025-0233
Cooke S4i MINI (Panchro) 32mm – serial number 8032-0233
Cooke S4i MINI (Panchro) 50mm – serial number 8050-0233
Cooke S4i MINI (Panchro) 75mm – serial number 8075-0233
Cooke S4i MINI (Panchro) 100mm – serial number 8100-0233

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Stolen Kit – Peer to Peer Rental

The following kit has been stolen from a renter using a peer to peer rental website.

We advise against using P2P sites.  You might make a few pounds renting out your kit, but users are generally not properly vetted, and there is a serious risk you will lose everything, as happened below:


Name used: Jemima Morakinyo (Note:  This may be a pseudonym, or the identity documents of an innocent person with that name may have been used.)

Police details and crime number: 0311096/18


The kit was hired out through a peer to peer rental site called motion tribe.


Users sign up with their ID and their information and then all insurance and payments are made through the company.


An enquiry was made for my kit which seemed legitimate. However, as all the details are through the company I was unable to verify personally. You have to trust the security procedures of the business.


When they came to pick up the kit they seemed to not fully know about the settings which seemed dodgy but the rental terms had already been agreed, and they had already paid the company for use of the camera.


Of course, once the hire was made the person stopped replying to email and text messages and the kit hasn’t been delivered back.


Kit List

Description         Serial

Canon C300 Mark II, EF Mount Body        961100000031

Canon C300 Mark II, Monitor Unit            N/A

Canon C300 Mark II, Eye cup       N/A

Canon UN-10 Auxiliary cable       N/A

Canon UN-10 Auxiliary cable       N/A

Canon C300 Mark II, Top Handle                N/A

Canon C300 Mark II, Control Grip              N/A

Canon top handle screws x 2      N/A

Canon Allen Key               N/A

Canon BP-A60   201509A

Canon BP-A60   201703B

Canon BP-A30   2001509A

Canon CG-A10 Battery Charger  8985

IEC Mains Connector      N/A

Delkin CFast 2.0 256gb Media     05011725781

Delkin CFast 2.0 256gb Media     11271725781

SanDisk 64GB Extreme SD card  BN1603550750G

Yellow CFast Neewer Card Box  N/A

Lexar Professional Workflow CR1 CFast card reader with USB cable          24050272201392

Pellican 1510 Case Black N/A

Sony ECM-NV1 Top Mic N/A

If you see any of this kit, contact Xhire, or your local Police.

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