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Kit stolen in Barnes, London – 30/08/20

Your Name         : Alick Cotterill

Your organisation : Alick Ltd

Telephone         : 07811875724

E-mail Address    :

List the main items of kit stolen.: Sony 24-105 f4 OSS G lens SN1974715 Sony FX9 camera body SN4000388 Sony 16-35 2.8 GM lens SN S011835292G

Sony 24-70 2.8 GM lens SN          S011985367P

Smallhd Cine 7 V-mount

Teradek Bolt RX and TX

Many many other items.

How was the theft carried out?  Please supply as much detail as possible.:

Police details and crime number: Crime ref 0709197/20

Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community: Stolen from the middle of Barnes, London UK, on Fri 28th Aug between 7-11pm.

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Sakaria Abdallah Mohammed – theft by theft.

Mohaammed Abdallah Sakaria



Someone using the (possibly false) name of  Sakaria Abdallah Mohammed hired a large quantity of equipment from Darryl Wood in August 2019 and failed to return it.

He claimed that he himself had been robbed.

We are led to believe that the camera was sold way below its value to an individual who goes by the name B-Dot.

If you come across any of the following items or can assist in identifying any of these individuals, please contact Darryl at

smirror at internode dot on dot net or email us here at Xhire.

Note:  It is possible that Mr Mohammed was the victim of identity theft, and that the documents used were either forged or stolen.   Nothing  on this site should in any way be taken as indicative of the guilt or innocence, (or the involvement in fraudulent activity), of anyone whose details are published here.  There are other individuals with that name.  The image above was taken from the identity documents supplied by the hirer, and may or may not depict the person who rented the equipment.

Red Weapon Camera Brain sn 708

  • PL Mount
  • Top handle
  • EVF Viewfinder
  • Wooden Camera View Finder arm
  • 7” Touch Screen
  • 2x 19mm rods 18” long
  • 2x 19mm top rods 8” carbon fibre
  • Quick Release Base plate
  • Sliding dovetail plate 12”
  • Gold Mount power back
  • 2 x Red Cards 512gb
  • 1 x Red Cards 1tb
  • Card reader
  • CablesArri MB19 Matte box
  • 95mm adaptor plate/ring
  • Top Flag
  • Swing Away Arm

page1image30825216 page1image30831744

Arri FF Follow Focus

  • 2 marking discs
  • Crank
  • Right side knob
  • Whip



Ultra prime lenses

  • 16mm sn 8945457
  • 24mm sn 8945185
  • 32mm sn 895730
  • 50mm sn 8945086
  • 85mm sn 8945807Filters 4” x 5.65”1 x IR/ND Platinum 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2Power


  • 1 x 4 Channel chargers
  • 4 x 12v Gold Mount batteries
  • 1 x power cableSachtler 80
  • Snap Plate
  • Pan Handles (2)Tripod Tall,
  • Spreader
  • Case Tripod Small
  • Spreader
  • Case Hi-Hat



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Leeds School of Arts – theft from car.

Leeds School of Arts had the following equipment stolen from the back of a car in the early hours of Tuesday 3rd March in the Headingly area of Leeds.

The rear window was smashed to access the equipment.

Arri Alexa SXT EV Camera

Teradek Bolt 500 XT Transmitter

Sigma Lens 50-100mm

Sigma Lens 18-35mm

£6,790 (together with above)

Xeens Prime Lens kit

Dell Ultra Sharp 21/9 Monitor
not owned by the University
not known

Vocas Matte Box MB-436
no s/n

Petrol Camera Bag
Petrol Bags
no s/n

Black Pelicase 1520
no s/n

Xeen Black Case
no s/n

Nucleus Motor TILTAnot owned by the University M0200128580
Ronford Baker Handgrips Ronford Baker 51145 no s/n £462.84 IN PETROL BAG

Total £75,728.26

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Kit stolen during filming – Belgium

From: Looking for …AVPRO (Amboto Video Pro) <>
Sent: 04 December 2019 18:43


Dear All / Bonjour à tous

Notre client s’est fait volé la série Cooke S4 suivante lors d’un tournage en Belgique le 1er Decembre 2019:
The following lenses were stolen from one of our clients during a shoot in Belgium on December 1st 2019:

16mm Cooke S4 T2  n°16-966
18mm Cooke S4 T2  n°18-0265
21mm Cooke S4 T2 n°21-252
25mm Cooke S4 T2  n°25-0268
27mm Cooke S4 T2 n°27-129
40mm Cooke S4 T2 n°40-0321
65mm Cooke S4 T2 n°65-1105
75mm Cooke S4 T2 n°75-0269
100mm Cooke S4  T2 n°100-0265
135mm Cooke S4 T2 n°319

Please distibute this to your branch offices and do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any information
Merci de faire circuler cette liste dans vos bureaux et n’hésitez pas à me contacter directement si vous avez des informations

Thank you / Merci
Deputy Managing Director – Technologies

9 rue des Fillettes
93210, Saint Denis
+33 1 4917 6000

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Equipment theft: ES Broadcast Hire

We’ve had a large amount of equipment stolen, should you be approached with a view to purchase this equipment, please contact us:


1x EVS Channel Max


1x Canon UJ90 Digisuper lens


4x Canon XJ95 Digisuper lenses





1x Canon HJ40x10 lens


6x Canon HJ14x4 lenses







1x Canon HJ22x7


10x Canon FPJ-D12 Digi shot boxes











3x Vinten Vector 750 Heads




3x Vinten HDt2 Tripods




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Subsequent fraudulent hire attempt at Pro Centre

Only a few weeks after the previous fraudulent hire, thieves have once again targeted ProCentre on Friday 28th June.


Pro Centre took a call from  ‘Nick at ‘Prolighting’ late on Friday urgently needing

2x 5D (didn’t specify the mark) and

2x Canon 50mm, which they changed to 85mm mid conversation.


This sounded suspicious so they called Prolighting – who do have a Nick, but Nick was away on that day. The PO number that was offered for the booking was a nonsense number.

The police were called and a taxi from a legitimate taxi company arrived supposedly to collect the goods – the delivery was supposed to go to 41 Mare street  which is a previous  Prolighting address.

The telephone number used for the booking was 07746 168 798.

If you have any information that may be useful, please contact Rob at Pro Centre on 020 7729 8822

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Pro Centre

On Monday 10th June. 2019 at 1430 Pro Centre received a visit from a well prepared and knowledgeable thief who made off with over £10,000 of kit.

The thieves used another company’s details – Gripvan (who are not at all involved).

1)      On Friday they called ahead and identified themselves as Joe from Gripvan and in a self-assured  manner booked 2x 1DX mkII, 2x 70-200mm, 2x 50mm 1.2 –  offering a current GripVan PO number as confirmation.

2)      On Monday a driver arrived in a what we now know to be an older and since replaced style of Gripvan T-Shirt quoting the job number, presenting a PDA with collection information detailing the kit and GripVan’s address and then patiently waited for the kit be brought out. He was calm, collected and did nothing to arouse suspicion.

3)      He then left on foot,  CCTV loses them about 30 meters from the front door.

The items stolen were:

Canon 1DX MKII – #063012000498

Canon 1DX MKII – #1530160000095

Canon 70-200 MKIII – #6800003218

Canon 70-200 MIII – #6700002288

Canon 50mm 1.2 – #9730590

Canon 50mm 1.2 – #4362534


Below are images of the person who collected.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these items or the person who collected, please contact Rob at Pro Centre on

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Run TV – Fraudulent hire

Run TV have been hit by two successive fraudulent hires and believe the perpetrators have likely conspired with each other as they were a day apart and both followed the same format. The hires occurred on the 4th and 5th of June and all subsequent attempts to reach the hirers on the numbers they gave have failed.

items taken were:


  • 2x Canon 5D MKIII Camera Bodies 333022001443/ 063024027528
  • 1x Canon 16-35mm Lens 5492651
  • 1x Canon 24-70mm Lens 1780001390
  • 1x Canon 24-105mm Lens 5413014175
  • 1x Canon 50 1.2mm Lens 7023536
  • 1x Canon 50 1.4mm Lens 62183209
  • 1x Canon 85mm Lens 271918

The perpetrators were using the following names and provided passports.

Suhail Riszvi








Hussein Omar Moalim

























If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of any of this equipment or the individuals featured here, please contact Frances at Run TV on 0207 636 0006


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Theft of a Teradeck Bolt Pro 3000

Freelance 1St AC Tristan Haley has had a Teradeck stolen.

The item was a brand new and boxed Teradeck Bolt Pro 3000 XT deluxe kit with array panel and v-lock pass through plates.

Serial numbers are:

0199600931 TX

0199701493 RX1

0199701492 RX2

If you have any information regarding this item, please contact James at No Drama on 0161 877 4363 who can put you in touch with Tristan.


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VMI Burglary

VMI had a ‘Mission Impossible’ – style break in over the weekend by burglars making their way over the railway lines and subsequently entering their building through the roof.  Happily, the systems activated the alarm and the police and the loss was relatively small and many big expensive cameras and lenses were not stolen.

This is not yet a comprehensive list but please be aware in case you are offered any of these for sale.  It is highly likely that some DSLR lenses were also stolen but this is not yet confirmed.

QuantityBrandDescriptionSerial NumberBarcode
1Canon35mm L-USM 35mm F1.4 Prime Lens187842OSCD004
1Peli1300 Peli Case with custom insert
1Canon50mm L-USM Prime F1.25537796OSCG003
1Peli1300 Peli Case with custom insert
1Canon100mm EOS IS-USM Prime Lens5448950OSCH004
1Peli1300 Peli case with custom insert
1Canon24-70mm L-USM Zoom Lens F2.89716444OSC2002
1Peli1400 Peli Case with Custom foam Insert
1Canon14mm CN-E Prime Lens92811379281137
1LemsfordCustom Flight Case for 14mm CNE
1Angenieux45-120mm Optimo Zoom Lens2066156OFA5002
1ARRIAlura 15.5-45mm Zoom Lens6380218OFAC001
1CanonXF705 Camcorder & accessories493819000041CHCG004
1SachtlerDR4 Semi Rigid Padded Bag1
1CanonWA-H58 Wide Angle Adaptor for XF705
1SonyPMW-100 Camcorder & accessories420431CHX8001
1SonyPMW-100 Camcorder & accessories420449CHX8002
1SonyPMW-100 Camcorder & accessories420434CHX8003
3SachtlerDR3 Camcorder Bag
1SonyPMW-200 Camcorder & Accessories400672CHX7003
1SonyPMW-200 Camcorder & Accessories430842CHX7006
1SonyPMW-200 Camcorder & Accessories430877CHX7007
1SonyPMW-200 Camcorder & Accessories430760CHX7009
4SonySoft Carry Bag
1SonyFS-5 MkII Camcorder & Accessories4001116CHS5001
1SonyFS-5 MkII Camcorder & Accessories4003099CHS5002
2SachtlerFS-5 MkII Camcorder & Accessories
1DJIOsmo X3 Gimbal System & accessories06DCL15031705VMIA8198
1DJIOsmo X3 Gimbal System & accessoriesVMIC0781
2SamsungOsmo X3 Gimbal System & accessories
2Peli1550 Case for Osmo & Accessories
1DJi1550 Case for Osmo & Accessories09RDDK08000852VMIA6622
1SamsungGalaxy Phone (Android for Osmo Remote)
1Peli1550 Case for Osmo & Accessories

If you have any information regarding these items, please contact Keith Cawkwell at SCISCO global solutions on quoting crime reference 2514902/19


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