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Subsequent fraudulent hire attempt at Pro Centre

Only a few weeks after the previous fraudulent hire, thieves have once again targeted ProCentre on Friday 28th June.


Pro Centre took a call from  ‘Nick at ‘Prolighting’ late on Friday urgently needing

2x 5D (didn’t specify the mark) and

2x Canon 50mm, which they changed to 85mm mid conversation.


This sounded suspicious so they called Prolighting – who do have a Nick, but Nick was away on that day. The PO number that was offered for the booking was a nonsense number.

The police were called and a taxi from a legitimate taxi company arrived supposedly to collect the goods – the delivery was supposed to go to 41 Mare street  which is a previous  Prolighting address.

The telephone number used for the booking was 07746 168 798.

If you have any information that may be useful, please contact Rob at Pro Centre on 020 7729 8822

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Pro Centre

On Monday 10th June. 2019 at 1430 Pro Centre received a visit from a well prepared and knowledgeable thief who made off with over £10,000 of kit.

The thieves used another company’s details – Gripvan (who are not at all involved).

1)      On Friday they called ahead and identified themselves as Joe from Gripvan and in a self-assured  manner booked 2x 1DX mkII, 2x 70-200mm, 2x 50mm 1.2 –  offering a current GripVan PO number as confirmation.

2)      On Monday a driver arrived in a what we now know to be an older and since replaced style of Gripvan T-Shirt quoting the job number, presenting a PDA with collection information detailing the kit and GripVan’s address and then patiently waited for the kit be brought out. He was calm, collected and did nothing to arouse suspicion.

3)      He then left on foot,  CCTV loses them about 30 meters from the front door.

The items stolen were:

Canon 1DX MKII – #063012000498

Canon 1DX MKII – #1530160000095

Canon 70-200 MKIII – #6800003218

Canon 70-200 MIII – #6700002288

Canon 50mm 1.2 – #9730590

Canon 50mm 1.2 – #4362534


Below are images of the person who collected.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of these items or the person who collected, please contact Rob at Pro Centre on rob@procentre.co.uk

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