Theft from Republik Agency: Premises burgled

 Received via site web form.  If you are offered any of the items listed for sale, please contact Charlie at Republik Agency:

Your Name         : Charlie

Your organisation : Republik Agency

Telephone         : 02074903866

E-mail Address    :

 List the main items of kit stolen.:

Phase one VP45 DQ000424

Phase one VP45 DQ000596 cracked screen

Phase one HP30 H101 DN000265

Phase one VP65 EH021589

Phase one HP65 EI021625

Hblad 555ELD 12EE01100

Hblad 503 CW 19SU45364

Hblad 503CW 19SU45489


How was the theft carried out?  Please supply as much detail as possible.: Burglary at night.

Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community: Strategically carried out robbery. Knew exactly where the kit was and what to take.

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