Emmanuel Oladipo Olamide Sonowo and ‘Sinclair Malcolm’

snapshot-2The gentleman above, using several variations on the above name was arrested on the 1st November in relation to a spate of fraudulent hires.

Mr Sonowo seems to have been keen on the theft by theft method, whereby he claims the equipment has been stolen on its way back to the hire company.

Mr Sonowo was born in 1989 and is from the London area.

Mr Sonowo also seems to claim a working relationship with a gentleman who had been applying, in what was deemed by Xhire members to be a suspicious manner, to hire from various companies using the name of Sinclair Malcolm.  (Possibly a pseudonym).  ‘Mr Malcolm’ was used a referee for Mr Sonowo.


Emmanuel Sonowo

If either of these two gents applies to hire from you, we would advise you proceed with caution.








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