18/03/2015:  New upgraded mailing list server.  As a result of the generosity of the Xhire community, we have the resources to move to a new, improved server for the Xhire mailing list.  The old server was, occasionally, the target of hackers, and there were issues with out of office replies being rebroadcast, which meant more messages than necessary in people’s inboxes.  The new system handles this much more effectively, and, in addition, has a number of new security features, which means that it will be much more user friendly and secure.  If you were a member of the old Xhire system, you will automatically have been made a member of the new list.


17/02/2015:  Xhire formally launched in the USA

As broadcast hire fraud is an international issue, Xhire is expanding the network.  As part of the first phase, we have launched a site in the US: .  All information obtained from international sites will be collated, and early warnings sent to other countries if cross border fraud is detected.


04/04/2014:  We now have a Twitter feed:  @XhireAntiFraud.  Please follow us if you are a Twitter person for immediate updates.



25/02/2014:  Clare Cooney of Progressive Broadcast in Glasgow has been appointed Joint Editor of this site.

Clare has a wealth of knowledge and experience in fighting fraud, which she has kindly agreed to share with the Xhire community.  In addition, her involvement means that we are able to react almost immediately to alerts and reports of theft, which will mean that the details are searchable on Google more quickly.

To view Clare’s excellent and very comprehensive anti fraud procedures, click here.


16 February 2014:  This website has been updated and converted to WordPress.

Following our successful request for sponsorship, we have finally managed to fund the conversion of this site to WordPress, which means that it can be updated much more easily.  We now also have the facility to appoint additional editors, and can allow comments on content where appropriate.  The old website has been archived and can be viewed here.