Welcome to the first UK wide broadcast hire industry fraud and theft information site.

This site has been set up in order to facilitate the centralised sharing of information on fraudulent hires and theft from broadcast hire companies. Fraud is endemic throughout the industry, and it seems that the ability of the Police to catch the perpetrators and recover stolen equipment is limited.

As a fraud prevention measure, rental organisations now share information through this network, which also has links to law enforcement agencies in the UK and Europe.  As a result, anybody who steals kit may well find that the second time they try they will be arrested in a sting operation, and that no organisiation will rent equipment to them ever again.

If you have been a victim of fraud, fill in our web form, and the details will be posted on this site. Also let us know if you have had equipment stolen in any other way, eg by robbery, etc.  We particularly value pictures of fraudsters, and all images received will be posted in the news section (where compliant with data protection legislation) and be searchable on Google.

Stolen kit can also be listed here, and as the site is search engine optimised, serial numbers will be searchable in approximately 24 hours.  Purchasers of second hand equipment are urged to search for kit on line, and if it is listed here, contact us and your local Police.

As a result of the creation of Xhire, the incidence of fraud has been reduced by approximately 90%, which proves that, through close co-operation, and the sharing of information,  life can be made much more difficult for the crooks, conmen and rogues who infest the industry.

Please note: Fraud attempts should be reported to ACTION FRAUD. (For more details, see their website.)  Stolen kit can also be listed here:  http://www.azule.co.uk/report-stolen-kit/

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