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Fake Universal Music requests

Today’s special is Universal Music.

Somebody using the name ‘Mark Cooper’ is emailing to request hire goods from the domain

This is not the real domain for Universal Music.

Please be on alert.


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Fake purchase requests from ‘Nottingham University’.

Fraudsters using an email address of rather than the correct format of are emailing broadcast sales outlets trying to obtain goods.

This domain was purchased late last year and updated in Feb of this year.

There is a distinct likelihood that there will be other similar attempts so please examine the email addresses carefully of any requests of this nature.

You can use to check registration details and dates.

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Fake use of Bauer Media’s credentials

Fraudsters using a convincing but fake PO, purporting to be from Bauer Media, attempted to buy Sony A7s cameras.

Verification with the real Bauer Media’s accounts department quickly unearthed it as a fraudulent purchase.

The real Bauer Media are innocent victims of ID theft here but if you are approached with a purchase request, please verify it with the real company.

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Fake Warner Brothers Request

We are now getting reports of fake kit hire requests for Warner Brothers.

Somebody purporting to be  Alex Bowers of Warner Brothers called and requested kit. He was asked to email in and did so using the email address which is not a valid email address.

Please note there is a genuine Alex working at Warner brothers and this is not him.

The hire company checked with the real Alex who confirmed it was not him and must be a scam.

Fake Alex provided the following details – spelling licensing incorrectly.

Alex Bowers
International Licencing Manager
Warner Music UK
27 Wrights Lane, London W8 5SW, United Kingdom

T +44 207 368 2000
M +44 7377 720 377

We would advise treating all requests from unknown contacts at any major media company with extreme caution and verify who you are dealing with by phoning a publicly advertised number.

Based on previous bouts of this sort of fraud, they will run through lots of other companies too.

If you hear from fake Alex, please let us know.

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Sakaria Mohammed and Hisham Hassan

A-Cam of London have been hit by serial offender Sakaria Mohammed who now appears to have a colleague – Hisham Hassan.


Hisham Hassan


Sakaria Mohammed

The hires were conducted separately but back to back and it seems implausible to think they weren’t connected.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of either of these men or the kit listed below, please contact Andy at A-cam at info (at)

Arri ALEXA Mini Camera Body 1 K1.0003873 – 20660
Arri ALEXA Mini Camera Body 2 K0.0014799 – 25439
Arri ALEXA Mini Viewfinder MVF-1 1 K2.0005861 – 6027
Arri ALEXA Mini Viewfinder MVF-1 2 K2.0005861 – 11439
Cooke S4i Mini 18mm lens 8018-0259
Cooke S4i Mini 25mm lens 8025-0259
Cooke S4i Mini 32mm lens 8032-0259
Cooke S4i Mini 50mm lens 8050-0259
Cooke S4i Mini 75mm lens 8075-0259
Cooke S4i Mini 100mm lens 8100-0259
Angenieux ( 0320798 ) EZ-1 S35 PL Mount Lens MFN10750A
Zeiss ( 1868-092 ) CP.2 T2,9 21mm Lens 50020561
Zeiss ( 1868-092 ) CP.2 T2,9 35mm Lens N/A
Zeiss ( 1868-092 ) CP.2 T2,9 50mm Lens N/A
Zeiss ( 1868-092 ) CP.2 T2,9 85mm Lens N/A
Freefly ( 950-00078 ) MoVI Pro Handheld Bundle + Travel Case 181219
TV Logic ( VFM-055A ) 5.5″ OLED 1920×1080 Viewfinder 1 VF055AQ1989
TV Logic ( VFM-055A ) 5.5″ OLED 1920×1080 Viewfinder 2 VF055AQ2005
6 x Hawk-Woods ( VL-M98 ) 14.4V 98Wh mini V-Lok Lithium-Ion Battery N/A
Hawk-Woods ( VL-ATM4 ) ATOM 4-Ch (V-LOK) Fast Charger VA3999
Sachtler Video 25P Tripod N/A
Sachtler Video 18P Tripod N/A

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