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If you have had kit stolen,  irrespective of the type of theft, please let us know.  Fill in our web form with as much detail as possible, or email, or send a message to the Xhire mailing list.

If someone has attempted to rent kit from you, and you suspect fraud, please use our Attempted Fraud Web Form to share information with the Broadcast hire community.  You do not need to be an Xhire member to do this.

Stolen kit reports can also be made at Azule Finance’s Stolen Kit ListKitwatch, The Full Film Database, PLASA and at Camera Market,  who are not affiliated in any way with this site, but who also offer a reporting service .

Please include the Crime Reference Number and the phone number of the Police station where the loss was reported, if possible. Serial numbers and details are Google searchable in a few days.

Your information will be added to the site as soon as it is received, so as to ensure the details will be found in a Google search within a few days.  If the information is incorrect, please contact the site administrator at  as soon as possible so that it can be amended.

From 26 February on all theft reports will be listed on the right hand side of the site. (See ‘Latest Thefts’)  Previous thefts were listed below, and details have been left for SEO purposes, but will be removed in a few months.



21/02/2014: Possible  Theft From the Kit Room by fake courier.

This is the first report we have had of this kind of theft.  Suspect in his 40’s and signed the paperwork as Asem.

Items stolen:

XF305 S/N 263090000210

ME66 – S/N 129389

Sennheiser G3 S/N ending 069/174

Sennheiser G3 S/N ending 766/967

Manfrotto 504HD

4 x 32gb CF cards


13/02/2014:  Yet another theft by ‘Jacuzzi Films’. (Note, as far as we are aware, Jacuzzi Films is a dormant company, and is not directly involved.)  Information received by email.

Hi Everybody,

My name is Petri and I work for Angel Films, a Finish rental house based in Helsinki. I got your contact details from Ben Monetto who used to work at Three Four but now runs operations in our sister company in Stockholm.
We believe someone has stolen MX RED production kit and Lenses.
They are using the name Luke Biggins / Jacuzzi Films Ltd and email address and phone number 0044 7405 581 387
See attachment this guy pick up equipment on Tuesday morning.
We also believe that when they got the kit they headed straight back  to London.
Below is a list of equipment stole with serial numbers

(Click here  for a full list of stolen items)

I thank you for any assistance and if you do come by any of these items please let me know and I can inform the police of this activity

Kind regards

rental manager
Mobile: +358 40 594 9406
Office: +358 9 759 477 20
Sahaajankatu 28
00880 Helsinki, Finland



Submission Time  : 10-Dec-13 04:40 AM

Submission Details
Your Name     : Simon Browitt
Your organisation : Calumet Photographic
Telephone     : 02073831527
E-mail Address  :
Name(s) of fraudulent hirer.: Gavin Duke (fraudulently used name)
Name of fraudulent organisation, address and website if available: MediaCom (actual company)
List the main items of kit stolen.: 2 x Canon 5DmkIII bodies Serial number:
Both in water tight Calumet branded Explorer cases.
How was the fraud carried out? Please supply as much detail as possible.:
Phoned up claiming to be Gavin Duke of Mediacom. Security deposit left and cameras collected by an Addison Lee Cab. We have since seen the cameras on Ebay 271343094659.

The phone numbers the fraudster has used to contact us are 07761447224 and 07842103873

Police details and crime number: NFRC131200458187

Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community: The Fraudster has since been back in contact with Calumet sales and rental attempting to get more kit under high profile names such as Rankin.



Request from Russell Allen at Arri Media (

“We have had a Mega III head (just the claw/roll ring) stolen from an outlet in Vancouver, Canada.

PLEASE, if you hear anything about it, could you let me know? I not much use without the control system & accessories, but…”