Kit stolen during a break-in

The following kit was stolen in February 2019 during a break in.  If you come across any of the items listed below, please contact your local Police or Xhire.



Broke open through the front door with tools using two stolen VW cars. Knew the barrier codes to our estate car park. Sachtler camera bags were then recovered a few miles away in B&Q Park Royal.

Arri Amira EF/PL Premium Licence S/N:  K1.71700.0-16345

Sony FS7 MK II S/N: 32664

Sony FS7 Mk I S/N: 38592

Canon EF C300 Mk II S/N: 963100000071

Canon EF C300 Mk II S/N: 963282600090

Canon EF C300 Mk I S/N: 533701300046

Panasonic 17” Monitor S/N: 19TWA1120

SmallHD1703-P3 S/N: 1703S200101

Teradek Bolt 300 TX S/N: 93102948A

Teradek Bolt 300 RX S/N: 93203852C

SmallHD 502 Bright S/N: 52BS182430634

3x Sony PVM740 7” Monitors

Arri 1.2K HMI S/N: 2870

Sony A7s II w/ Movcam Cage

Macbook Pro 13”


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