Attempted Fraud – Fake PO University of Bath

Submitted by webform:

Your name         : Claire Tomlin

E-mail Address    :

Your organisation (including web address if available): Pro Centre

Name, address, URL, email and phone number of suspected hirer: University of Bath

Fraudster used a false name, (Richard Coles) and email: (;  (No implication of any connection to any real person called Richard Coles)

Date of attempted hire: 2016/07/15

What equipment was involved?: Canon 5d Mk III camera x 15 units Canon 24-105mm lens f3.5-5.6 x 15 units

Why did you decline to rent  equipment?: The University delivery address in Mitcham Surrey, when checked was actually a storage unit! There were multiple spelling mistakes on the PO. We contacted the University of Bath and the contact name at the base of the PO had left the university.

Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community.: This was not an hire:  This was an attempt to fraudently purchase equipment using a PO from the Univeristy of Bath.  They are aware this is happening and this is not the first time this has occured.


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