Kit stolen in Barnes, London – 30/08/20

Your Name         : Alick Cotterill

Your organisation : Alick Ltd

Telephone         : 07811875724

E-mail Address    :

List the main items of kit stolen.: Sony 24-105 f4 OSS G lens SN1974715 Sony FX9 camera body SN4000388 Sony 16-35 2.8 GM lens SN S011835292G

Sony 24-70 2.8 GM lens SN          S011985367P

Smallhd Cine 7 V-mount

Teradek Bolt RX and TX

Many many other items.

How was the theft carried out?  Please supply as much detail as possible.:

Police details and crime number: Crime ref 0709197/20

Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community: Stolen from the middle of Barnes, London UK, on Fri 28th Aug between 7-11pm.

Equipment stolen from Mills Studio

Kit stolen from Mills Studio, UK, during CV 19 lockdown.

If you come across any of the equipment below, please contact

Darryl Wood

Spinning Mirror

34 Ironbark Ave

Flagstaff Hill

SA 5159



Office: +61 8 8358 6021

Mobile: +61 409 690 406


Skype: darrylwood


Red Dragon 6k Camera – sn 0405  – £10,000

Arri Follow Focus £2,500

Arri Matte Box– sn 1185 – £2,400

Zeiss Super Speed MK3 18mm– sn 7937242 –  £15,000

Zeiss Super Speed MK3 25mm – sn 8146327 –  £15,000

Zeiss Super Speed MK3 35mm – sn 8151443 –  £15,000

Zeiss Super Speed MK3 50mm – sn 7973340 –  £15,000

Zeiss Super Speed MK3 85mm – sn 8146990 –  £15,000

14mm Panashpheron  sn 060 £5,000 –

Zeiss MK2 135mm  £7,000 sn 6644110

Angenieux Anamorphic HR zoom 25-250mm £12,500

Angenieux 15-40mm Optimo Zoom £20,000 – sn 2082087

Terdek 500 Bolt (1 transmitter, 2 receivers) £2,500





Kit stolen during filming – Belgium

From: Looking for …AVPRO (Amboto Video Pro) <>
Sent: 04 December 2019 18:43


Dear All / Bonjour à tous

Notre client s’est fait volé la série Cooke S4 suivante lors d’un tournage en Belgique le 1er Decembre 2019:
The following lenses were stolen from one of our clients during a shoot in Belgium on December 1st 2019:

16mm Cooke S4 T2  n°16-966
18mm Cooke S4 T2  n°18-0265
21mm Cooke S4 T2 n°21-252
25mm Cooke S4 T2  n°25-0268
27mm Cooke S4 T2 n°27-129
40mm Cooke S4 T2 n°40-0321
65mm Cooke S4 T2 n°65-1105
75mm Cooke S4 T2 n°75-0269
100mm Cooke S4  T2 n°100-0265
135mm Cooke S4 T2 n°319

Please distibute this to your branch offices and do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any information
Merci de faire circuler cette liste dans vos bureaux et n’hésitez pas à me contacter directement si vous avez des informations

Thank you / Merci
Deputy Managing Director – Technologies

9 rue des Fillettes
93210, Saint Denis
+33 1 4917 6000

Equipment theft: ES Broadcast Hire

We’ve had a large amount of equipment stolen, should you be approached with a view to purchase this equipment, please contact us:


1x EVS Channel Max


1x Canon UJ90 Digisuper lens


4x Canon XJ95 Digisuper lenses





1x Canon HJ40x10 lens


6x Canon HJ14x4 lenses







1x Canon HJ22x7


10x Canon FPJ-D12 Digi shot boxes











3x Vinten Vector 750 Heads




3x Vinten HDt2 Tripods




Kit stolen during a break-in – February 2019

The following kit was stolen in February 2019 during a break in.  If you come across any of the items listed below, please contact your local Police or Xhire.



Broke open through the front door with tools using two stolen VW cars. Knew the barrier codes to our estate car park. Sachtler camera bags were then recovered a few miles away in B&Q Park Royal.

Arri Amira EF/PL Premium Licence S/N:  K1.71700.0-16345

Sony FS7 MK II S/N: 32664

Sony FS7 Mk I S/N: 38592

Canon EF C300 Mk II S/N: 963100000071

Canon EF C300 Mk II S/N: 963282600090

Canon EF C300 Mk I S/N: 533701300046

Panasonic 17” Monitor S/N: 19TWA1120

SmallHD1703-P3 S/N: 1703S200101

Teradek Bolt 300 TX S/N: 93102948A

Teradek Bolt 300 RX S/N: 93203852C

SmallHD 502 Bright S/N: 52BS182430634

3x Sony PVM740 7” Monitors

Arri 1.2K HMI S/N: 2870

Sony A7s II w/ Movcam Cage

Macbook Pro 13”


Kit stolen from a van – London

Any information:  Please contact Martyn: +44 20 7524 7777


Kit Stolen


Peli 1550 Case Containing:


SO7114           SN: 15653675             1x Zeiss ZF 28mm Lens

SO7120           SN: 15661100             1x Zeiss ZF 35mm Lens

SO7103           SN: 15636698             1x Zeiss ZF 50mm Lens

SO7117           SN: 15650905             1x Zeiss ZF 85mm Lens

SO7132           SN: 15589216             1x Zeiss ZF 100mm Lens


Canon Black And Grey Lens Pouch Containing:



SO9306           SN: 3670710               1x Canon 100mm EF Lens F2.8 (Macro)


Peli 1520 Case Containing:



SO4265           SN: 3773620               1x Sony A7S MK II Camera Body



SO4651           SN: 4002208               1x Sony K1M XLR Audio Unit

SO4652           SN: NSN                                 1x Sony Microphone



SO2759           BN: E8CLA 2EH       1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery

SO4369           SN: E5EKJ1EC          1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery

SO****.                                                          1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery

SO2756           BN: E8CLA 2EH       1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery



SO4382           SN: 15068014453       1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery Charger



SO05939 SN: A1014014232  1x Metabones Speed Booster



2x Sandisk 128GB SD Cards – F10, F21



SO4649           SN: 303-2402              1x Movcam Riser Block

SO4852           SN: 303-2203              1x Movcam LWS Baseplate




Peli 1320 Case Containing:



SO4952           SN: 502-05206            1x SmallHD 502 5” Monitor

SO3057           SN: NSN                                 1x SmallHD 502 Sidefinder




SO3838           SN: NSN                                 1x Canon LP-E6 Battery

SO3112           SN: 502-05206            1x Canon LP-E6N Battery

SO3113           SN: 201607                 1x Canon LP-E6N Battery

SO****           SN: NSN                                 1x Canon LP-E6 Battery



SO4136           SN: XLBA                  1x Canon LCE6-E Battery Charger



SO4338           SN: NSN                                 1x Hawkwoods LR12A DTAP Dummy


S+O Branded Long Canvas Zipped Bag Containing:


SO9415           SN: 0310-1432            1x Dedo 400w HMI Head

SO9416           SN: 0212-4806            1x Dedo 400w HMI Ballast


Large Blue Envelope Style Bag Containing:



1x Flag Kit – 2x Large, 2x Medium, 2x Small (Large Blue Envelope Style Bag)



Large Blue and Grey Crate Containing:



1x 12×12 Black Out Drape


Large Blue and Grey Crate Containing:



1x Box of 13a Extensions – 1x 13a Drum, 1x 13a Cassette, 2x 13a 4 Ways (Large Blue and Grey Crate)


Kit stolen from a vehicle – London

The following kit was stolen from Jurrit Gryseels, a cameraman from Belgium. On the afternoon of February 19th, his car was broken into at NCP Shaftesbury car park near Covent Garden during a job for the Flemish public broadcaster.

The thieves stole  the following equipment from his car:


AMIRA Camera Set with Advanced License CAM SN 16682 VF SN 2667
Zeiss Compact Prime – CZ.2 28-80/T2.9 EF – metric SN 50037522
Sony A7s sn 3786171 with Zeiss lens 16-35 sn 1859983
Paralinx Ace SDI SN : 0126300609 Paralinx ACE S/N : 0126300271
WOODEN CAMERA – 239000 –
Director’s Monitor Cage V2
Blackmagic Video Assist 4K SN :4921489
Sound Devices 633 mixer with integrated 10-track recorder SN LL0515040013
6 x gopro (5 & 6)
70-200 canon zoom


If any of these items would turn up in (online) secondhand stores, online auctions or other places, please let him know or contact the police.


Jurrit Gryseels: +32475299240

Stolen Lenses

The following lenses have been reported to us as stolen.  If you know of their wherabouts, please contact Xhire.

ULTRAPRIME  16mm SN 8958897 ULTRAPRIME  20mm SN 8943795 ULTRAPRIME  135mm SN 8960929

Kit stolen from a van in London NW5

The following items were stolen from a van in NW5

If you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of any of the items listed below, please contact Jon Howarth. Tel: 020 8343 1260, or Xhire 

Cooke S4i MINI (Panchro) 18mm – serial number 8018-0233
Cooke S4i MINI (Panchro) 25mm – serial number 8025-0233
Cooke S4i MINI (Panchro) 32mm – serial number 8032-0233
Cooke S4i MINI (Panchro) 50mm – serial number 8050-0233
Cooke S4i MINI (Panchro) 75mm – serial number 8075-0233
Cooke S4i MINI (Panchro) 100mm – serial number 8100-0233

Stolen Kit – Peer to Peer Rental

The following kit has been stolen from a renter using a peer to peer rental website.

We advise against using P2P sites.  You might make a few pounds renting out your kit, but users are generally not properly vetted, and there is a serious risk you will lose everything, as happened below:


Name used: Jemima Morakinyo (Note:  This may be a pseudonym, or the identity documents of an innocent person with that name may have been used.)

Police details and crime number: 0311096/18


The kit was hired out through a peer to peer rental site called motion tribe.


Users sign up with their ID and their information and then all insurance and payments are made through the company.


An enquiry was made for my kit which seemed legitimate. However, as all the details are through the company I was unable to verify personally. You have to trust the security procedures of the business.


When they came to pick up the kit they seemed to not fully know about the settings which seemed dodgy but the rental terms had already been agreed, and they had already paid the company for use of the camera.


Of course, once the hire was made the person stopped replying to email and text messages and the kit hasn’t been delivered back.


Kit List

Description         Serial

Canon C300 Mark II, EF Mount Body        961100000031

Canon C300 Mark II, Monitor Unit            N/A

Canon C300 Mark II, Eye cup       N/A

Canon UN-10 Auxiliary cable       N/A

Canon UN-10 Auxiliary cable       N/A

Canon C300 Mark II, Top Handle                N/A

Canon C300 Mark II, Control Grip              N/A

Canon top handle screws x 2      N/A

Canon Allen Key               N/A

Canon BP-A60   201509A

Canon BP-A60   201703B

Canon BP-A30   2001509A

Canon CG-A10 Battery Charger  8985

IEC Mains Connector      N/A

Delkin CFast 2.0 256gb Media     05011725781

Delkin CFast 2.0 256gb Media     11271725781

SanDisk 64GB Extreme SD card  BN1603550750G

Yellow CFast Neewer Card Box  N/A

Lexar Professional Workflow CR1 CFast card reader with USB cable          24050272201392

Pellican 1510 Case Black N/A

Sony ECM-NV1 Top Mic N/A

If you see any of this kit, contact Xhire, or your local Police.

Van stolen with a large amount of kit

A Mandata van was stolen last night containing the following items belonging to Picture Canning North.

If you come across any of the items listed below, contact us, or Picture Canning directly here:


1x RED Epic-W w/ Helium Sensor – S/N 4072

1x ARRI Alexa Mini – S/N 20103 (EVF – 6681)

1x Preston FI (no microforce) – S/Ns:

– MDR-3 – 1748

– HU3 – 2845

– DM2 Motor – 6327

– DM2 Motor – 6337

1x WCU-4 / CForce Mini Kit – S/Ns:

– WCU-4 – 6675

– AMC-1 – 6168

– Cforce Mini Motor – 3027

– Cforce Mini Motor – 2022

– Cforce Plus Motor – 6133

– L-CUB-1 – 2760


1x Cinetape – 30501

1x Magliner Senior

1x Magliner Monitor Mounting Bracket

1x Set of MCS Handle Bars

1x 4×5.65 Tiffen Optical Flat

1x Set of 4×5.65 IR NDs (1.5-2.1)

1x 4×5.65 Polariser

1x ARRI / Zeiss 14mm Ultra Prime – S/N 8949996

1x Denz OIC-35-A Pentafinder – S/N 094

1x Set of Zeiss CP.3 XD Primes – S/N:

– 18mm – 50078749

– 25mm – 50081756

– 35mm – 50084768

– 50mm – 50085256

– 85mm – 50087743

– 100mm – 50089750

1x 2.5k ARRI HMI

1x 1.2k ARRI HMI

1x HMI Stand

1x Flag Kit

1x M18 Chimera, scrims and speedring

1x TV Logic 17” Monitor – S/N LV173GM0913

1x Atomos Samurai Blade – B5A94SMB51B69

1x TV Logic 5.6” Monitor – F1200708

2x BNC Drums

8x BNC Cables

1x Teradek Sidekick Version 1

1x IDX Endura Cue D95 Charger – S/N 10962

6x IDX Endura Cue D95 Batteries – S/Ns B61K0098, B61K0125, B61G1125, B61G0055, B61G1007, B61K0152

4x Hawkwoods 14.4 Block Batteries

2x Hawkwoods 14.4v Block Battery Chargers – S/Ns XG0350 & XG0351

Kit stolen in a burglary

The kit listed below was stolen on 4 January 2018 in a burglary.

If found, please notify:

Main contact number : 01707 648800

Steve Heliczer –   07831 879131

Paul Simmons –    (0)7980 067343

Paul Wigfield –         07831 879153


QED Theft 4th January 2018 Serial Number
Sony HXC-100 with HXCU 402778
HD OLED Mono Viewfinder
Sony HDVF-20A 1203146
7.4” OLED Monitor Viewfinder
Sony HDVF-EL75U 102836
Canon HJ22ex7.6B IASE 01219288
Canon ZSD-300D 204365H
Canon FPD-400D 203002F
(Pricing for SS-41-IASD kit 203010F
including ZSD-300D & FPD400D) 112211F
Tripod Plates VCT-U14
Beyer Dynamic Headphones DT-109
HJ40x14B IASD-V Kit Number 1
Lens Barrel 612438
Lens Servo  0045T093
SUP-300 Support 203021D
IS Kit 203028
ZSD-300D 204364H
FPD-400D 304091F
HJ40x10B IASD-V Kit Number 2
Lens Barrel 512953
Lens Servo 0045T092
SUP-300 Support 303005D
IS Kit 303002
ZSD-300D 304016H
FPD-400D 304023F
Viewfinder Sidemount x 7 N132
Microphones (10 kits)
Sennheiser EW500-935 G3 No serial nos
SK500 G3 Transmitter No serial nos
MKE2-EW-GOLD Lapel Mic No serial nos
MKE2-EW-GOLD Lapel Mic No serial nos
No serial nos
No serial nos
No serial nos
No serial nos
No serial nos
No serial nos
Shure SM58 x 3 No serial nos
17″ MacbookPro W873309VYAP
17″ MacbookPro W87330B5YAP
17″ MacbookPro W87241FSYAP
17″ MacbookPro W892023E2QT
15″ MacbookPro C02CQBDCDC7C
15″ MacbookPro C02CQOD4DC7C
15″ MacbookPro C2QMK01NFFT1
TravelMate D97200
TravelMate D67200
TravelMate CF7200
TravelMate DA7200
TravelMate C47200
TravelMate B37200
TravelMate CA7200
TravelMate D27200
TravelMate C07200
TravelMate C77200
TravelMate DD7200
Microsoft Surface Pro
Including Software 038275344753
Computer Locks Various

Kit stolen in a burglary


Received via web form

Submission Time   : 23-Nov-17 03:01 AM


Your Name         : Mat Overton

Your organisation : University of Bradford

Telephone         : 01274236688

E-mail Address    :

 List the main items of kit stolen.: Sony HSC-300R (400109) Canon KJ10ex4.5 IASE lens (618110989)

Break in to studio Police details and crime number: West Yorkshire Police Crime No 13170535626

Believed to be a returning known thief after a previous break in attempt.

If you come across any of the kit listed above, please contact Mat Overton, or email Xhire.

Kit stolen from a car

The following items were stolen from a vehicle on 08/06/2017.  If you have any information please contact Kit TV:

Zeiss CP.2 Second Gen 35mm Prime T2,1 PL mount – s/n 50022713

Zeiss CP.2 Second Gen 50mm Prime T2,1 PL mount – s/n 50009564

Zeiss CP.2 Second Gen 85mm Prime T2,1  PL mount – s/n 50036981

Ziess 6 lens Pelicase Black


Kit stolen from an office in Mortlake

Below is a list of  kit that was stolen. Please let us know if you hear anything.


  • Sony PXW-FS7 (Serial No. 0034762) inc. 3x batteries & 3x 64GB XQD cards
  • Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS II USM (Serial No. 8890002969)
  • Metabones EF-E mount Speed Booster Ultra (Serial No. 1012002354)
  • Sennheiser ME66 & K6 (Serial No. 161554)


Kit stolen from a van – Tunbridge Wells UK

The following equipment was stolen from a parked van in the Tunbridge Wells area:

Canon XF105 camera plus flash card, charger and batteries. Serial no 293510200024
JVC GY-HM605E – serial no 078m0464
Seinhesier top mic and wind fluffy cover.
JVC cam battery serial no. PSE 2AQC0700, 3aq80891

Crime number: YY/6858/17

 Police officer investigating:
Sgt 10691 Dave Higham
Tunbridge Wells CPT
02 4005
01892 502005

If you  have any information contact the Police at the number above, or Xhire.


Olamide Sonowo sentenced to 2yrs and 4 months for theft

Olamide Sonowo, a serial thief, who was arrested following a sting operation involving a Xhire member, has been sentenced to 2 years and 4 months for theft of rented camera equipment.

This conviction sends a clear message to all you potential thieves out there:  If you steal kit from Xhire members, you will be traced and arrested, and end up in prison for a long time.

Mr Sonowo will be eligible for parole in May, 2018, so all rental companies should be on the alert, as prison rarely deters criminals from trying again.

British thief in the US

A thief using UK ID documents in the name of ‘Matthew David Dines’ has rented lenses worth $250000 and not returned them.
Important note:  It is entirely possible that ‘Matthew David Dines’ is a pseudonym, or that a real individual with that name has  been the victim of identity theft.  Nothing  on this site should in any way be taken as indicative of the guilt or innocence, (or the involvement in fraudulent activity), of anyone whose details are published here.

The following items have gone missing:

24-290mm Optimo Zoom s/n: 2017192
18mm Master Prime s/n: 8926393
25mm Master Prime s/n: 8934692
35mm Master Prime s/n: 8926426
50mm Master Prime s/n: 8926344
75mm Master Prime s/n: 8926350
100mm Master Prime s/n: 8942023

CCTV images of the suspected thief:


deaines1 deaines2















If you see this person, or any of the lenses listed above, please call your local police or contact Xhire.

‘Jamie Cairns’ Again

Received by web form:

Important note:  It is entirely possible that ‘Jamie Cairns’ is a pseudonym, or that a real individual with that name has  been the victim of identity theft.  Nothing  on this site should in any way be taken as indicative of the guilt or innocence, (or the involvement in fraudulent activity), of anyone whose details are published here.

Your Name         : Hugh Jones

Your organisation : HPSS Ltd

Telephone         : 01482 221810

E-mail Address    :

Name(s) of fraudulent hirer.: ‘Jamie Cairns’ (May be a pseudonym)

Name of fraudulent organisation, address and website if available: Personal

List the main items of kit stolen.:

Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus – LHMP000238YY

Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus – LHMP000125YY

Pioneer DJM900 Nexus – LFMP006837YY

Technics 1210Mk3 – GE2HA001383

Technics 1210Mk3 – GE2IA001176

Shure M44-7

How was the fraud carried out?  Please supply as much detail as possible.: Hirer emailed and produced very convincing ID Passport number 309432152

Police details and crime number: Humberside police Number DV-2245732-17

Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community: I have  pictures and  copies of ID which I will email separately. (See below.)

IMG_1840The person pictured rented equipment and did not return it.

Click on the thumbnail for full sized image.

Grey Audi A3 (Again)

Received by webform:  Another theft, involving a Grey Audi

Your name         : Peter

E-mail Address    :

Your organisation (including web address if available): AVE Hire – Sound, Lighting, Vision

Name, address, URL, email and phone number of suspected hirer: Tyrel Angell, Jamie Angell. 07521171062


.Important note:  It is entirely possible that the names used in this theft are pseudonyms, or that real individuals with those names have  been the victims of identity theft.  Nothing  on this site should in any way be taken as indicative of the guilt or innocence, (or the involvement in fraudulent activity), of anyone whose details are published here.


 Date of attempted hire: 2017/01/17

What equipment was involved?:

– 2x Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus (serial numbers: OIMP051949YY and OIMP051948YY)

– 2x Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus (serial numbers: MLMP002354YY and MKMP001463YY)

– 1x Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus mixer (serial number: MIMP013888YY)

– all equipment was in flight cases

Did you decline to rent  equipment?: No, all information was correct. We requested payment by card. The name on the card matched the name on Tyrel’s driving licence and the photo on a driving licence was correct and matched  Tyrel Angell.

Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community.: Thief is driving grey audi a3, reg no: ET55 HGB



Kit stolen in a burglary

If you have any information as to the whereabouts of the items listed below, which were stolen in a burglary in South East England in early December 2016, please contact, or your local Police.

Item Taken                                         Serial Number

Canon ME200S-SH

Canon ME200S-SH

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV   13021002802

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV   13021000945

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV   13021000948

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV   13021000944

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV   13021000947

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV   13021002686

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV   13021002685

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV   13021002688

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II   233050000435

Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM    410212001567

Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM    410212001533

Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM    410212001535

Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM    410212001528

Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM    410212001531

Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM    410212001527

Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM    410212001534

Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM    410212001610

Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM    410212001566

Fujifilm X-T2       63M657189

Fujifilm X-T2       63M57192

Fujifilm X-T2

Fujifilm X-T2

Fujifilm VPB-XT2 Vertical Power Booster Grip     6CQ01814

Fujifilm VPB-XT2 Vertical Power Booster Grip

Fujifilm VPB-XT2 Vertical Power Booster Grip

Fujifilm XF 35mm f2

Fujifilm XF 35mm f2

Canon EOS M10 with 15-45mm Lens (White)       camera – 103040002481

Canon PowerShot G3X  83052000327

Canon PowerShot  G9X 93050001462

Canon XA10        453260000859

Stolen Lenses

The following lenses have been stolen from a hire company in the UK:


16MM S/N 8955261

24MM S/N 8955337

32MM S/N 8955527

50MM S/N 8955231

85MM S/N 8955335

If you have any information please contact us.

Stolen kit – burglary – Prokit

The following items were stolen during a break-in at ProKit’s premises.  If you have any information please contact, telephone 020 8995 4664.

C100 MK2
Serial No

C100 W/24-105
Serial No

24-105mm Lens
Serial No

Serial No

C300 MK2
Serial No

Serial No

Serial No

Sony A7S MK2
Serial No

70-200mm Lens
Serial No

24-70mm Lens
Serial No

5D MK3
Serial No

17-55mm Lens
Serial No

24mm Cine Lens
Serial No

24-105mm Lens
Serial No

Serial No

Serial No


Attempted Fraud – Fake PO University of Bath

Submitted by webform:

Your name         : Claire Tomlin

E-mail Address    :

Your organisation (including web address if available): Pro Centre

Name, address, URL, email and phone number of suspected hirer: University of Bath

Fraudster used a false name, (Richard Coles) and email: (;  (No implication of any connection to any real person called Richard Coles)

Date of attempted hire: 2016/07/15

What equipment was involved?: Canon 5d Mk III camera x 15 units Canon 24-105mm lens f3.5-5.6 x 15 units

Why did you decline to rent  equipment?: The University delivery address in Mitcham Surrey, when checked was actually a storage unit! There were multiple spelling mistakes on the PO. We contacted the University of Bath and the contact name at the base of the PO had left the university.

Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community.: This was not an hire:  This was an attempt to fraudently purchase equipment using a PO from the Univeristy of Bath.  They are aware this is happening and this is not the first time this has occured.


Kit stolen at Media Production Show

Please be aware of anyone offering the items below for sale.

Camera body: 6TA0013

Angenieux Optimo 15-40: 2082080

Panasonic Viewfinder: C6TAA099

IDX Elite Battery.


The camera didn’t have any media with it so please also be aware of any requests to purchase media from you.

If you have any information, please contact Films at 59, or Xhire.

Kit stolen from Gear Factory client during a robbery

A client of the Gear Factory claims they were robbed by masked men while filming. Either way the following has gone.

  • Red Epic Dragon Serial: M-00570
  • Zeiss CP2 21mm PL Mount Lens: Serial: 50004517
  • Zeiss CP2 28mm PL Mount Lens Serial: 50008638 Zeiss CP2 35mm PL Mount  Lens Serial:
  • 50011265 Zeiss CP2 50mm PL Mount  Lens Serial: 50013411
  • Zeiss CP2 85mm PL Mount  Lens Serial: 50015575

If you have any information please contact or Xhire.

Eye Lite Brussels: Kit theft – 15/05/2015

The following kit was stolen in a robbery from Eye Lite in Brussels.

If you have any information, please contact:
Eye-Lite Brussels S.A.
Generaal Wahislaan 16F Boulevard Général Wahis . 1030 Brussel – Bruxelles .Tel. 02/702.16.00 .Fax. 02/702.16.08
B.T.W – T.V.A : BE 0457.943.037 . H.R.B. 602.970 R.C.B . ING 310-0310310-93 . FORTIS 210-0441999-22


  • Sony F65  SN 10030,
    • Sr-R4 recorder 20065
  • Sony Alpha 7s Sn 3781304
  • Red Epic Dragon SN 02220
  • Sony F3 SN 101792
  • Arri Amira SN 15709, V/F SN 1920
    • CFAST 128 – SN 028-008-015-043
    • CFAST reader SN  S40623
    • EF Mount SN 1120
    • PL Mount SN 1836
    • USB Key SN B1140724736V


Zeis Master Primes:

  • ZMP18mm SN 8937188 1
  • ZMP65mm SN 8941065 1

Cooke Lenses

  • CS4 16mm SN 16-0128 1
  • CS4 21mm SN 21-0085 1
  • CS4 25mm SN 25-0129 1
  • CS4 27mm SN 27-0153 1
  • CS4 35mm SN 35-0101 1
  • CS4 35mm SN 35-103 1
  • CS4 50mm SN 50-130 1

Cooke Mini S4 Lenses

  • CMS4 65mm  SN 65-210 1

Zeiss Ultra Prime Lenses

  • ZUP 14mm  SN 8858280 1
  • ZUP 20mm SN 8858205 1
  • ZUP 20mm SN 8858194 1
  • ZUP 28mm SN 8870914 1
  • ZUP 40mm SN 8871084 1
  • ZUP 40mm SN 8870932 1
  • ZUP 50mm SN 8857954 1
  • ZUP 65mm SN 8930539 1

Leica Lenses

  • LEICA 280mm SN 3351399 1
  • LEICA 400mm SN 3625343 1

16MM Lenses

  • Cooke S16 9.5 mm SN 95-0102
  • Cooke S16 12 mm SN 12-0102
  • Zeiss High Speed MKII 9.5mm SN 7149523
  • Zeiss High Speed MKII 16mm SN 6525192


MacBook Pro 15″ retinas:

  • SN C02N10FQFD56
  • SN C02LW4LVFD56
  • SN C02QJ029G8WN

More stolen kit

If you have any information regarding the stolen lenses listed below, contact us, or your local Police.

OFC2001 COOKE S4I PL PRIME 18MM T2 18-1018 stolen 01-09-09
OFC4001 COOKE S4I PL PRIME 25MM T2 25-1029 stolen 01-09-09
OFC6001 COOKE S4I PL PRIME 32MM T2 32-1014 stolen 01-09-09
OFC7001 COOKE S4I PL PRIME 40MM T2 40-1010 stolen 01-09-09
OFC8001 COOKE S4I PL PRIME 50MM T2 50-1046 stolen 01-09-09
OFCA001 COOKE S4I PL PRIME 75MM T2 75-1054 stolen 01-09-09

Equipment stolen from car boot (London)

Equipment stolen from Intrepid Television (Freelancer Mark Turnbull), taken from the boot of an Audi A4 Estate Car on 29th March 2016. Holiday Inn London – Regents Park.

The car was parked in the hotel / NCP car park, underneath the building. Rear window was smashed to gain entry to the boot.

Thieves are known to operate in this car park (according to the police), and I suspect they were watching me unload camera equipment.

1 large Dedolight 4-head kit, including four dimmable PSU’s, four DLH4 Lamp Heads,  three stands, clamps, projection lenses and assorted extras, in a large dedolight soft case.

1 Quartz Tri-Lite softlight kit in a large Gekko Carresslite Bag. Very rare item, consists of a large dimmable lamp head with 3 tungsten bulbs, sofbox kit, stands and peripheral pieces.

1 Cartoni Gamma Dutch Head tripod head in a silver flight case, along with pan bar, VCT14 plate, Sachtler plate, and Fujinon ERDT22 zoom demand. The dutch head is the old ‘black and gold’ coloured version, quite a rare item.

1 Litepanels Astra EP Daylight softlight kit, including Litepanels Astra light, softbox, v-lock battery bracket, Manfrotto Lite Tite adaptor, 2 x IDX Endura 10 batteries, peripherals and a Gekko black soft case.

1 Lishuai LED576 Bi-colour LED Light, serial number 312002540, with a Sony BP-L90 Battery and soft case.

1 Sachtler 20 tripod kit, with Sachtler 20 Fluid Head, Serial Number 208511, Heavy duty CF Legs, mid-level spreader, rubber feet, pan bar, and VCT14 tripod plate.

1 Sennheiser 416 mic, serial number 001186, with Rycote Softie, pistol grip, and XLR cable.

Please direct any information to Mark Turnbull,, or Nathan Mountford at the Metropolitan Police,

Paddington Green Police Station.

Crime number 6513683/16

Stolen kit recovered – Xhire success story

In September 2014, Sven Joukes asked Xhire to list some stolen kit which had been stolen from him by a bogus film maker:

The kit was later advertised on Gumtree, and a sharp eyed member of the public spotted it, and checked whether it was stolen on Google.  He then notified Sven, who notified the Police.  Unusually, the Met (Charing Cross Police Station) took action immediately, and the kit was recovered the next day, and the seller was arrested.

Yesterday, after a long bureaucratic process, Sven was reunited with his lenses.

According to Sven,

“It has been quite a ride, but it’s great to know that the production community is actually very caring when it comes to this sort of stuff. I can only say I hope that everyone is as vigilant and active as the 2 people who contacted me in the first place and laid the foundation for solving this crime.

Thanks to you as well for running the site!”

Please remember to list all stolen kit with us, Azule and PLASA, as there is always a chance that somebody might spot it.



Fraudulent Hire – Identity Theft

The following items have been rented and not returned by a hirer using genuine ID documents which were stolen. The person whose documents were stolen, Aaron McNeish is a victim of identity theft, and is entirely innocent of any wrongdoing:  He is in no way involved.

If you come across any of the items below, please contact Xhire or your local police.

4 x redvolt battery packs
2 x travel chargers
RED touch LCD screen
RED side handle
RED Outrigger Handle
RED station reader
RED rear module cap
Portabrace DV4 case
Explorer 5833 case
CANON 24-70mm zoom lens 9515004950
CANON 24-70mm zoom lens 0210007877
CANON 70-200mm zoom lens 0430001368
CANON 5D mk3 body 038023003879
2 x CANON LP-E6 batteries
2 x SANDISK 32GB CF cards
Explorer 4412 case
SONY UWP-V1 radio mic kit
RODE lav mic
Sachtler Video 18 tripod
Sachtler hard case

Kit stolen at BVE Show

The following items were stolen from the Intro2020 stand on Wednesday 25th of February at the BVE show at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London Docklands at approx 2-3pm:

  • Sony Alpha A7S MK II body number P-32828330/B SO1-3775051-E
  • Samyang VDSLR Lens Sony F/E 24mm Serial Number 121510192.

Please contact Peter Mott if you have any further information:

Kit stolen during BBC shoot in Belgium

Your Name         : Maarten Lernout

Your organisation : BBC News

Telephone         : +32475275617

E-mail Address   :

List the main items of kit stolen.

Camera: SONY type PMW500 serial number : #61153
Viewfinder SONY CBK-VF01, serial number #100263
Lens :, CANON type HJ22X7.6B IASEA HD broadcast zoom lens serial number : #01221278
LECTROSONICS SRB/E01 receiver frequencyblock 20 serial number #356

How was the theft carried out?  2 men mingled in our group of 5 colleagues operating a tv liveshot, picked up the eng camera from the ground and walked off unnoticed…

Police details and crime number: Belgian federal police are writing the file now…

Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community: my emailadress and phonenumber are engraved on the side of the camerabody.

If you come across any of the kit listed above, in any circumstances, please contact us or Maarten Lernout, details above.

Kit stolen from a car in Amsterdam

Submission Time   : 14-Feb-16 02:30 AM

Submission IP     :


Submission Details


Your Name         : Norman Baert

Your organisation : PANO VOF

Telephone         : +32475284900

E-mail Address   :

List the main items of kit stolen.:

ARRI AMIRA body S/N: K1.71700.0-15748 and teradek TX 300 bolt S/N: 93102192A

Theft in car in Amsterdam on Wednesday evening around 22.45.

Police details and crime number: PL1300-2016032373-1

Massive theft of kit from BFC Rental in Belgium

Kit stolen as a result of a burglary at the premises of BFC Rental in Belgium.

Some of these items have now been located and returned.

More details and list of stolen kit here.

Phantom Flex 4K


Phantom Flex 4K cinemag 1TB


Phantom Flex 4K cinemag 1TB


Phantom Flex 4K cinemag 1TB


Cinestation IV


Phantom Miro


Alexa plus


Alexa Mini

20192 v/f  6100

Red MX


18mm Cooke S3 True Lens Service T2,2


25mm Cooke S3 True Lens Service T2,2


32mm Cooke S3 True Lens Service T2,2


40mm Cooke S3 True Lens Service T2,2


50mm Cooke S3 True Lens Service T2,2


75mm Cooke S3 True Lens Service T2,8


100mm Cooke S3 True Lens Service T2,8


14mm Cooke S4


16mm Cooke S4 27mm Cooke S4


27mm Cooke S3


32mm Cooke S4


50mm Cooke S4


75mm Cooke S4


75mm Cooke S4


100mm Cooke S4


32mm Elite Anamorphic T2,2


40mm Elite Anamorphic T2,2


50mm Elite Anamorphic T2,2


75mm Elite Anamorphic T2,2


250mm Elite Anamorphic T3


12mm Elite Spherical T1,9


18mm Elite Spherical T1,3


20mm Elite Spherical T1,3


22mm Elite Spherical T1,3


24mm Elite Spherical T1,3


28mm Elite Spherical T1,3


35mm Elite Spherical T1,3


50mm Elite Spherical T1,3


75mm Elite Spherical T1,3


100mm Elite Spherical T1,3


20mm Bausch & Lomb Super


25mm Bausch & Lomb Super


35mm Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar T2,3 PL


50mm Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar T2,3 PL


75mm (3inch) Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar T2,3 PL


100mm Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar T2,3


18mm Canon K35 T1,5


24mm Canon K35 T1,6


35mm Canon K35 T1,3


55mm Canon K35 T1,4


85mm Canon K35 T1,4


135mm Canon K35 T2


14mm Zeiss T2,1


12mm Zeiss T2,1


10mm Zeiss T2,1


18mm Zeiss T1,3


10mm JDC T2,1


10mm JDC T2,3


200mm Arri Macro T4,3


60mm Leica Van Diemen T3


75mm Leica Van Diemen T1,4


80mm Leica Van Diemen T1,6


90mm Leica Van Diemen T3


100mm Leica Van Diemen T3


15mm Technoleitz T3,5


19mm Technoleitz T2,3


24mm Technoleitz T2,8


35mm Technoleitz T2,8


50mm Technoleitz T1,9


80mm Technoleitz T1,4


100mm Technoleitz T2,8


135mm Technoleitz T2,3


18mm Arri Swing & Tilt T3,8


24mm Arri Swing & Tilt T4


60mm Arri Swing & Tilt T3,5


100mm Leitz Swing & Tilt T4


200mm Leitz Swing & Tilt T4


20mm Leitz JDC T2,8


24mm Leitz OSF T2,8


35mm Leitz OSF T2


50mm Leitz OSF T1,4


90mm Leitz OSF T2


135mm Leitz OSF T2,8


17mm Movielens T2


20mm Movielens T2


28mm Movielens T2


40mm Movielens T2


100mm Movielens T2


135mm Movielens T2,8


180mm Movielens T2,8


12mm Nikon T2,5


15mm Nikon T3,5


24mm Nikon T2


50mm Nikon T1,8


135mm Nikon T2


200mm Nikon T2,8


18/28mm Arrivision 3D T6,8


40mm Arrivision 3D T6,8


55mm Arrivision 3D T6,8


25mm RED PRO PRIME N° PM0250064
35mm RED PRO PRIME N° PM0350058
50mm RED PRO PRIME N° PM 0500082
85mm RED PRO PRIME N° PM0850113
100mm RED PRO PRIME N° PM1000048
300mm RED PRO PRIME N R010850


If you are offered any of the missing kit for sale please contact us.

Kit stolen from hirer

Kit rented by Video Europe to James John Media, then stolen by their ‘client who commissioned a shoot.  (Note:  James John Media are in no way responsible for the theft.)

This is becoming an increasingly common method for stealing kit: Commission a cameraman to create a film, drive him to a location, and then separate him from the kit by trick.

In this case, James John’s cameraman / videographer was picked up from his home in Reading on 17 December 2015, in a Red Transporter Taxi  and then driven to Video Europe’s office to collect the kit.

They then travelled to a café location, en route collecting a camera assistant. When they arrived at the location, the kit was left in the cab with the driver. The camera assistant popped out for a cigarette. 5 mins later our client went out to see where the assistant was to find the assistant and the taxi gone.

He has been trying to get hold of his client but the phone is off. As of now it appears that the kit has been stolen.

Any information: Contact us

Stolen items:

C300 PL Camcorder kit with , Batts and 2 x 32Gb Cards  23021007544
ME64 Top Mic   14373
32Gb CF Cards VE324/VE71
Sachtler 18 13311
Canon 5D MKIII 2420833107624
Canon 24-105mm EF Lens   5190771

Arri Ultra Primes:

16mm   8949559
24mm  8941538
32mm  8942344
50mm   8941548
85mm  8941263
135mm nk
Tripod 0598398
Alura 18-80 Lens  6350081
FF5  2360








Kit stolen from hotel room

Kit belonging to Robert Pike stolen from a hotel room on the night of Friday 11 Dec 2015, at the Hill Valley Hotel and golf course in Whitchurch, Shropshire.  If you have any information, please contact us.

The following items were taken:

Sony PMW 500 serial no 10145 with HDVF viewfinder serial no 1210267 Canon HJ17ex 7.6B Standard High Def zoom lens serial n0: 01311404 and 7090651Q Canon HJ11ex x 4.7B Wide High Def Zoom Lens serial no: 00715296 and 80317MQ

Sony LMD 9050 colour High Def monitor serial no: 1300372   in prta brace soft bag

Teredek   Bolt wireless system tx unit Y3HCB880120120409 transmitter

And Teredek Bolt receiver unit Y3HCB380120120425 Datavideo TLM 700 HD colour monitor 00297922 with soft carrying case

8 x Swit v lock camera batteries 4 x S81925 and 4 x S8110s IDX VL – 4S Battery charger K200890 VALUE £700 Petrel Matte box and bars with sony base plate. Format 5 x 4.65 clear UV glass filter XLR sound tails

64gb   Sony SXS card

3 x black peli cases and 1 x charcoal

Black camera body cover cover

Various BNC cables and hirose power cables Hawkswood V Lock power adapter

Name labels are on the majority of the kit.



Kit stolen in Bulgaria

Shift-4 have had the following items stolen from a crew in Bulgaria:

Cooke S4i 18mm T2 Prime # 4018-1157

Cooke S4i 25mm T2 Prime # 4025-1173

Cooke S4i 40mm T2 Prime # 4040-1125

Chrosziel Mattebox – Rail mounted

Schneider 0.6, 1.2 & 1.8 IRND Filters

If you have any information, please contact Shift 4 ( or contact us.

Fraudster arrested after attempted impersonation

Good news:  An attempted fraud has been thwarted and the perpetrator arrested, as a result of a simple check by someone who was asked to release equipment.

Here, in brief, is what happened.

  1. Someone impersonating James Miller, a film maker, emailed Varavon, a video equipment manufacturer, using a fake email address, ( requesting that they release some film equipment for review.
  2. Vavaron agreed, and requested that a London based company, Camera Kings London, supply the products to James Miller.
  3. An employee at Camera Kings texted James Miller using the number on his Vimeo page, and was told that no such review had been requested.
  4. Camera Kings contacted the Police, who set up a sting operation, and when the thief came to collect the kit, bearing a forged driving licence, he was arrested.

Three things worth noting here:

  1. The theft was prevented because someone decided to carry out a simple check which might have taken no more than 5 minutes.
  2. The Police, when offered the prospect of a nice easy arrest and conviction, were more than willing to co-operate.
  3. The fraudsters gathered all the information they needed to be convincing from online sources.

Although it has been quiet recently, the fraudsters haven’t gone away, so the rental community needs to remain vigilant.

More information here

Stolen kit list: Fraudulent hire

Kit stolen by fraudulent means in January 2015.  Please contact us if you are offered any of these items for sale, or come across them anywhere.

C300 camera body    1    PRO KIT    5.33641E+11
Batteries  ( 2 large one normal)    3    PRO KIT    normal one 201303, big ones 201304D and 201304D
Calumet usb3 downloader    1    CALUMET    NONE FOUND
Charger and mains cable    1    PRO KIT    ZHB
Flipside 500 AW rucksack    1    CALUMET    NONE FOUND

5D mark II    1    NICK HOCKINGS    530313210
Batteries    4    ebay and Calumet    201007 CANON, VB4B CANON, LI-ION LP-E6, CALUMET CJ0621

32 GB cards    6    PEC / CALUMET / AMAZON

24-105mm Canon L series    1    PRO CAMERA SHOP    4534629
17-40mm Canon L series    1    CALUMET    3703865
35-350mm Canon L series, in leather & with carrier with sunhood.    1    i    46040

short xlr cable    1    CVP
me 66 / k6 audio    1    CVP    191966
Rycote softie    1    CVP

Rode VideoMic R Shotgun Mic on shockmount
50mm Canon Lens

Kit stolen in transit

Kit stolen in transit.  If you are offered any of the items listed below, please contact

Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 Nikon fit – Serial Number: 4045859

Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 Nikon fit – Serial Number: 1002595

Nikon D600 – Serial Number: 6007300

Stolen Kit: California USA Dec 8th 2014

Received via web form:

Your Name         : Brian Dzyak

Your organisation : Freelance Cameraman

Telephone         : +18183263728

E-mail Address   :

Name(s) of fraudulent hirer.: Stolen by unknown

Name of fraudulent organisation, address and website if available: Stolen by unknown

List the main items of kit stolen.: Sony F5 Camera Body S/N 100312

DVL350 LCD ViewfinderS/N 0120111

Fuji Cabrio19-90mm lens S/N 7005128

NanoFlash Unit/Cable kit S/N 0810302

Sennheiser mic MKH416 P48

How was the fraud carried out? Please supply as much detail as possible.: Truck stolen from garage in Encino, California USA December 8, 2014.

Police details and crime number: LAPD West Valley Division (Los Angeles, CA)

GTA-487 (D)(1)PC


Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community: Photos of the equipment stolen with serial numbers can be seen at

Theft of kit from vehicle – Dublin

A large amount of kit has been stolen from CT Films in Dublin. (Details below) If you are offered any of the items listed below please contact Siobhan Ward at CT films (, or xhire, or the Garda in Dublin.

Incident report:

On Wednesday 9th July 2014 in the Phoenix Park, Dublin 8 at 12:50pm approximately, three men broke into the vehicle of one of our cameraman and stole 4 bags of equipment as well as a RED Epic Camera with a Canon 150-600ml Lens attached. Our cameraman had only been away from the vehicle for a few minutes and was standing approximately 100-150m from the vehicle when the theft occurred.

The vehicle had been forced open on the driver’s side. The thieves had then accessed the rear of the vehicle and stolen the filming equipment from there.

Witnesses saw three men in a Toyota Avensis, reg number 02-CN-3325 speeding away. Image attached.

ctfilmstheftThe Garda Incident Pulse Number is 11034271

Kit list below.





Kit stolen from freelance cameraman – Belgium

It seems that freelance cameramen are particularly vulnerable to theft.  The web form submission below is a very good example of the methods crooks use to steal kit, and destroy the livelihoods of freelancers.

If you have any information regarding this theft, or are offered any of the kit for sale, please contact Xhire, the Belgian police, or Sven Joukes directly.

Your Name         : Sven Joukes

Your organisation : Freelance Cameraman

Telephone         : +32 478 275 014

E-mail Address   :

Name(s) of fraudulent hirer.: Shawn Lacy Name of fraudulent organisation, address and website if available: Don’t know, but probably not Universal Music Group.

List the main items of kit stolen.: Sony PMW-F5 s/n 0120126 OLED VF for F5 s/n 0102095 ZEISS CP.2 LENSES PL 15MM s/n 50001397 25MM s/n 50007026 35MM s/n 50034633 50MM s/n 50027835 85MM s/n 50030029 Canon 5D mkIII body Canon EF 16-35 mkII Canon EF 24-70

How was the fraud carried out? Please supply as much detail as possible.: Belgian prod. was contacted by British ‘prod’ to provide gear for shoot in Brussels. Upon arrival they get the gear, create chaos re: location etc., then take off with the gear

Police details and crime number: Brussels Police: +32 2 2797979 Crime nr: BR.20.LL.107306/2014 (date 24/09/2014

Update: Thanks to this listing, the stolen lenses were recovered, having been found for sale in London on Gumtree. A member of the public who realised the price they were selling for was a little too good to be true, took a note of one of the serial numbers and googled it.


Kit stolen from BBC crew at gun point by Ukrainian rebel separatists

5 August 2014: Rebel Separatists in Shakhtersk, Ukraine have stolen equipment at gunpoint from a BBC news crew. The town was being shelled by the Ukrainian Army. The rebels accused the crew of being spies, despite having credential passes, and stole their kit.

Main items stolen:

Sony PMW-400 Camera serial 140188 Canon HJ17x7.6 Lens Serial 1315801 Sony Radio Mic PAG L96e battery

3 Sony SxS Memory Cards

Update:  Kit was recovered using a local fixer.

Burglary: Thieves steal kit by breaking through a brick wall.

Wing ( report that thieves punched a hole in a brick wall at their premises, evaded the alarms and smoke generator and stole a significant amount of kit. (See below)  There have been other similar reports recently, which indicates that this could be a new trend.

They have some low resolution images of the thieves captured from CCTV:


A112125-2 2

A111859-2 1

A055202-2 1


Here is a list of the stolen items.  If you are offered any of the items listed, please contact, tel 0207 604 3586.

ARRI ALEXA    1    K1.71000.0.2933
SONY PMW F-55        100266
SONY PMW F-5        100390
5D    1    1931209879

GO PRO HERO 1    1    HD1 12 09 059432
GO PRO HERO 1    1    HD1 06 10 197794
GO PRO HERO 2    1    H214A1211093243

GO PRO HERO 3+ (BLACK EDITION)    1    H3B+B081 OR 3060FF9

ARRI EVF-1    1    K2.72008.0.2943

SONY R5 RECORDER         11017

CANON ZOOM 70-200    1    6920003514

Fujinon HA22     1    384003

LEICA SUMMICRON-C    18mm    7100573
25mm    7100584
35mm    7100689
50mm    7100388
75mm    7101489
100mm    7101449

CARL ZEISS CP2 50mm MACRO    1    50016437

CANON ZOOM 24-70MM    1    2261314
ANGENIEUX OPTIMO 16-42        2050078
ANGENIEUX OPTIMO 45-120     1    2066210
DUCLOS LENS 11-16mm Wide    1    67100
50mm Canon Prime Lens    1    747417
HDx35    1    2140



Pro Vision: Lens lost/ stolen in transit

Canon FJ HD 35mm Prime Lens (B4 Mount)
Serial Number – 90510039
Provision Barcode – 304812

This lens was taken by a production for testing in May 2014.
The production shoot and testing was based in the Manchester and Liverpool area.
The lens was believed to have been returned to Provision by a production runner with some other equipment at the end of May but this specific lens never arrived.

It is currently unknown if the lens is stolen, missing or lost.

There is currently an insurance claim going through via the production but if you could highlight this missing lens via your website and email list to warn potential buyers to inform us or yourselves if this lens turns up.

Any information:  Contact

Daniel Clarke at Multimedia North

A caller purporting to be Daniel Clarke from an organisation called Multimedia North (, website has contacted several rental companies requesting high value items.  We have been unable to find sufficient information to verify that this is a genuine and legitimate enquiry.

We would urge rental companies anywhere in the world to take great care and make extensive enquiries before renting equipment to anyone using that name.

UPDATE:  We have received an email from Daniel Clarke which states that, although he designed the website for Multimedia North, he has never requested any equipment, which indicates that he is the victim of impersonation, and that the attempted hire by Multimedia North may be fraudulent.

Silverback Films: Theft from vehicle in Oxford

Information provided by George Panayioutou of Films at 59 Limited

For your info, one of our clients, Silverback Films were filming in Oxford a couple of weeks ago and their crew car got broken into on location.

The following kit was taken:

Canon HJ18 lens . Serial no – 1510121
Canon 300mmf2.8L (Optex Universal conversion) – Uni/Nikon mount – Serial no. 11949
Panasonic 8inch monitor with IDX battery. Serial no. D2TWA0122
IDX Elite Battery. Serial no. E461371

1.4x optical extender (Universal mount)
FZ to Nikon mount

If you are offered any of these items for sale please email

Stolen Kit: Broadcast Baron

Received by email:

Saw you had a stolen equipment listing webpage. Please add the following gear, which was just stolen from me via a sophisticated identity theft ring (using fake ID, fraudulent cards with real account data on them, and seemed to be savvy in regards to broadcast equipment). This was stolen in the United States, but I’m sure it could turn up anywhere in the world and it’s good to have it out there for people to find if they come across it.

JVC GY-HM650U (s/n 177M0253)
Panasonic AG-HPX500 (s/n F75S00135)
Fujinon XA17x7.6BRM (s/n 422896)
Anton Bauer dual 2722 (s/n 8905)
Anton Bauer dionic 90 (s/n 71838)
Anton Bauer dionic 90 (s/n 60900)

Kevin Ross
The Broadcast Baron

Fraud alert:

It has come to our notice that certain frauds are being committed by individuals / companies who have been posing as procurement personnel from Sapient and have been placing fake orders using our UK and Houston addresses as the billing address with delivery address as places other than the billing address. To view an example of a fraudulent order, click HERE


They have been sending out credit references to create accounts that might appear trustworthy to you but please DO NOT entertain such requests as they are not coming from Sapient.


If you get an email from or or any email address carrying or as domain, please consider the same as fraudulent and bring it to our notice. All our email addresses bear the domain

Theft of lenses from Lites Belgium



 following equipment was not returned to LITES after rental :


Camera Arri Alexa plus serial nr 4485


Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses : with following serial numbers :

UP 20mm : 8942677

UP 28mm : 8937213

UP 40mm : 8942226

UP 65mm : 8940668

UP 100mm: 8940130

UP 135mm: 8942168


This was the man who rented the equipment :


Benjamin Heiwegen


His company :

BIMM Lifestyle Holding BV

Schrijverspark 112 / 02


Dutch valid VAT nr : NL818464859B01 

The following individuals and vehicle were involved:

If you are offered any of the items for sale, or encounter any of the individuals depicted here, please contact Lites Belgium through their website: , and email us.

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Theft from Republik Agency: Premises burgled

 Received via site web form.  If you are offered any of the items listed for sale, please contact Charlie at Republik Agency:

Your Name         : Charlie

Your organisation : Republik Agency

Telephone         : 02074903866

E-mail Address    :

 List the main items of kit stolen.:

Phase one VP45 DQ000424

Phase one VP45 DQ000596 cracked screen

Phase one HP30 H101 DN000265

Phase one VP65 EH021589

Phase one HP65 EI021625

Hblad 555ELD 12EE01100

Hblad 503 CW 19SU45364

Hblad 503CW 19SU45489


How was the theft carried out?  Please supply as much detail as possible.: Burglary at night.

Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community: Strategically carried out robbery. Knew exactly where the kit was and what to take.

Alex Levi and Maurice Duchamp: Theft from freelance cameraman

The following theft was reported by the Xhire web form.

Submission Time   : 26-Mar-14 03:08

Your Name         : Simon Shen

Your organisation : Freelance Cameraman based in London

Telephone         : 07447922235

E-mail Address    :

Name(s) of fraudulent hirer.: Alex Levi from Maurice Dumchamp

Name of fraudulent organisation, address and website if available: Alex Levi on behave of Maurice Duchamp production of Maurice News Production

 Fake insurance policy registered under ‘Zurich’ Group

 They posted an online ad on production base and FTP

List the main items of kit stolen.: Canon 5D mark 2 with Full rig Zeiss ZF Prime lens set Cineroid EVF Formatt Matt box Lee ND Filter set Vinten Avocet 90 tripod &amp; fluid head Sachtler Tripod DA100 Short Leg all the accessories etc.

How was the fraud carried out?  Please supply as much detail as possible.: A fake production company called Maurice Duchamp hired my camera equipment kit.They provided a fake insurance document.

I delivered the equipment to a man named Alex Levi outside the Mayfair hotel in London.

They’ve now disappeared with my kit.

Police details and crime number: Action Fraud Ref: NFRC140300574788 Police Ref:CHS10958 Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community: Alex Levi, male, late 20s or eariler 30s, approx 6′ height, facial bread, mediterranean or turkish, barely speak english, worn a black jumper with baseball cap.

His personal number which is permanently switched off:  07823918873


Additional details received by email:

Thank you very much for your reply, I’m really appreciate for the help in regarding to my case. Just to giving you more information about the case.

So basically, The Maurice Duchamp production company advertised a production assistant job on production base websites (the ads are still live).

They obviously found what they were looking for because their new production assistant contacted me about hiring my equipment. I was sent an insurance document and told to meet a man named Alex Levi outside the Mayfair hotel. And they were willing to pay me 200 pound for the first install payment as deposit. (300 quid in total for two days rental in the weekend.)

I delivered the equipment to him, received a cash payment and thought everything was fine. The following day I had a worried call from the production assistant who told me his phone was switched off. She sensed it was a scam so we done some digging. The insurance document is fake and we tried to call and contact Maurice Duchamp, but unfortunately there weren’t any response at all, also Alex Levi has disappeared.

I now realise they have scammed people before, but they always leave a trail. They paid for job ads on two websites and hired a room in the Mayfair hotel which they cancelled later.

It’s very unfortunate, this disaster happened on me, I reported to London metropolitan police right immediately, but it’s really sad, that the police didn’t do any helps at all, they kept me running around, waited and kicking me back and forth in between different department. In the end, they referred my case to a private company called ‘Action Fraud’ which also seems careless about my lost. There weren’t any execution or future progress from them at all since my last report. As there are many ways to track and chase them, through CCTV tape, their Mini Cab registration plate, hotel reservation etc, but no action preceded so far by ‘Action Fraud’. So right now I feel hopeless.

It’s a shame, that the total value of my kit is approx around 12000 pound, and I didn’t have any serial numbers for my camera and lens, as the lenses have all been rehoused and converted into cine-mode, However I’ve learnt my lesson in a hard way… I really hope the authorities could carry out some real action to resolve this case, as this ‘Maurice Duchamp’ guy still activating out there.




Equipment stolen from Focus 24

The following equipment was stolen from a customer on the weekend of the 1st/2nd February 2014, near Bow, London, UK. When further information from the Police regarding the circumstances becomes available, we will share this. Please watch out for offers of this equipment for sale. Please forward to any dealers/brokers/rental houses that you have dealings with.

 Here is a summary:

– ARRI Alexa Classic Plus 16:9 Kit in Flight Case, with cables, accessories etc.

– 5x 64GB SxS Pro Cards.

– ARRI/ZEISS Ultraprime 5-way Set in Flight Case: 16, 24, 32, 50, 85mm.

– ARRI/ZEISS Ultraprime Single Lens in Flight Case: 135mm.

O’Connor 2060 serial 480328 in Flight Case.

– Ronford Baker Tall Legs Moy in Black Hexagonal Case.

– IDX VL-2Plus Charger and 2x IDX Batteries in soft Petrol bag.

– TV Logic 5.6″ Monitor in Flight Case, with cables accessories etc.

– Hawk Woods Reel Power 4×4 Charger and Alexa Reel Power battery plate, loose.

Please report any information to or 0207 033 6555.

Full list of stolen items below:


ALEXA 16:9 PLUS Body, s/n 4348
Lens Cap, Aerial, Top Handle CCH-1
IDX Battery Plate, SD Card
Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1
Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-2
Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-1
Handle Extension Block HEB-2
19mm Bridge Plate BP-12
Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-1
Levelling Block LB-1
Shoulder Pad with Velcro SP-3
12″ Dovetail Plate
Large Noga Arm
Ronford Baker Moose Bars
2x Moose Bar Extenders 160mm
5-pin XLR to dual 3-pin XLR lead
3-Pin to Fisher 24V Alexa Power Lead
Short & Medium EVF Cables KC150-S/KC151-S
Ethernet Cable KC153-S
Short BNC Cable x2
Long & Short 19mm Bars x2
Short 15mm Bars x2
Sonnet Thunderbolt Card Reader & Cable
Sony USB3 Card Reader + USB3 Cable
64GB SxS PRO Card s/n DEKC1011
64GB SxS PRO Card s/n DEKC1012
64GB SxS PRO Card s/n DEKC1013
64GB SxS PRO Card s/n DEKC1015
64GB SxS PRO Card s/n DEKH1198
Small & Large Allen Key
Metal (Casedesign) Case
ARRI/ZEISS Ultraprimes
16mm s/n 8944806
24mm s/n 8943849
32mm s/n 8944553
50mm s/n 8944347
85mm s/n 8944572
Metal (Casedesign) Case 5-way
135mm s/n 8946089
Metal (Casedesign) Case single
OConnor Head 2060
2060  s/n 480328
Tie Down
Telescopic Arm
13″ Sliding Base Plate
Snap Plate
3/8″ Screws x4
1/4″ Screws x2
Metal Case
Ronford Baker Tall Legs (Moy)
Legs s/n 6011414
Spreaders s/n 112819
IDX Batt System
Small IDX Charger VL-2PLUS s/n K1-20219
IDX Batts x2
Kettle Lead
Petrol Bag
TVLogic 5.6″
Monitor & Sony Battery Plate s/n VF056L2667
Acrylic Screen Protecter
Battery Sony L-ion x3
Battery Charger
Phono Adapter, Barrel & Right Angle
AC Adapter
Manfrotto 492LCD Hot Shoe Ball Head
HDMI-mini HDMI Cable  x2
BNC Cable x2
IEC C13 ‘Kettle’ Mains Power Lead
IEC C7 ‘Figure-8’ Mains Power Lead
Noga Arm w/15mm Clamp
RS – Mini XLR Power Cable
Metal (Casedesign) Case
Hawk Woods Reel Power
Reel Power 4×4 Charger
Reel Power Alexa Plate

Please report any information to or 0207 033 6555.