British thief in the US

A thief using UK ID documents in the name of ‘Matthew David Dines’ has rented lenses worth $250000 and not returned them.
Important note:  It is entirely possible that ‘Matthew David Dines’ is a pseudonym, or that a real individual with that name has  been the victim of identity theft.  Nothing  on this site should in any way be taken as indicative of the guilt or innocence, (or the involvement in fraudulent activity), of anyone whose details are published here.

The following items have gone missing:

24-290mm Optimo Zoom s/n: 2017192
18mm Master Prime s/n: 8926393
25mm Master Prime s/n: 8934692
35mm Master Prime s/n: 8926426
50mm Master Prime s/n: 8926344
75mm Master Prime s/n: 8926350
100mm Master Prime s/n: 8942023

CCTV images of the suspected thief:


deaines1 deaines2















If you see this person, or any of the lenses listed above, please call your local police or contact Xhire.

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