S Rizvi

A person identifying himself (probably falsely) as S Rizvi  failed to return equipment to Run TV and has been contacting other facilities houses, attempting to hire the same kit of 5D Cameras and EF lenses.

We would advise anybody who is contacted by Mr Rizvi to contact Frances at Run TV on 0207 636 0006

Important note:  It is entirely possible that ‘S Rizvi’ is a pseudonym, or that the real Mr Rizvi has been the victim of identity theft.  Nothing  on this site should in any way be taken as indicative of the guilt or innocence, (or the involvement in fraudulent activity), of anyone whose details are published here.  There are other individuals with that name, but this has NOTHING WHATEVER TO DO WITH ANYONE OTHER THAN THE PERSON PICTURED HERE.

Fraudster arrested after attempted impersonation

Good news:  An attempted fraud has been thwarted and the perpetrator arrested, as a result of a simple check by someone who was asked to release equipment.

Here, in brief, is what happened.

  1. Someone impersonating James Miller, a film maker, emailed Varavon, a video equipment manufacturer, using a fake email address, (jamesmillerdop@yahoo.com) requesting that they release some film equipment for review.
  2. Vavaron agreed, and requested that a London based company, Camera Kings London, supply the products to James Miller.
  3. An employee at Camera Kings texted James Miller using the number on his Vimeo page, and was told that no such review had been requested.
  4. Camera Kings contacted the Police, who set up a sting operation, and when the thief came to collect the kit, bearing a forged driving licence, he was arrested.

Three things worth noting here:

  1. The theft was prevented because someone decided to carry out a simple check which might have taken no more than 5 minutes.
  2. The Police, when offered the prospect of a nice easy arrest and conviction, were more than willing to co-operate.
  3. The fraudsters gathered all the information they needed to be convincing from online sources.

Although it has been quiet recently, the fraudsters haven’t gone away, so the rental community needs to remain vigilant.

More information here

Shoot HD and One Stop Films

Two companies, Shoot HD and One Stop FIlms have been the victims of the same fraudulent hirer.

We have been requested to remove the full details of the theft by the City of London Police, but the stolen kit list has been posted in case any of it turns up somewhere.

If you have any information regarding any of these people or this theft, please contact Paul Hellard at Shoot HD on (0)1753 651440.

The stolen equipment from Shoot HD is listed below.

Flight case:
ARRI AMIRA #2 (Premium) 1 ARRI AMIRA Camera body, handle 15197
1 ARRI MVF-1 Viewfinder 1155
1 Hawk-Woods VL-CFA2 V-lock battery adapter
1 ARRI PL LDS lens mount
1 ARRI WPA-1 Wedge plate adapter for 15mm with shoulder pad
1 SanDisk 8GB memory stick
1 Canon Microphone mount with White Noise bracket
1 Panasonic Stereo microphone with foam gag
2 Viewfinder cable (mini HDMI)
1 ARRI KC50-S AMIRA battery cable
1 Sandisk Extreme Pro Cfast 2.0 card 120GB, with case 141501300007
1 Sandisk Extreme Pro Cfast 2.0 card 120GB, with case 141501300052
1 Sandisk Extreme Pro Cfast 2.0 card 120GB, with case 141501300102
1 Sandisk Extreme Pro Cfast 2.0 card reader (USB3), with USB cable
1 ARRI Dovetail plate
2 19mm bar (440mm)
2 19mm bar (200mm)
2 15mm bar (240mm)
1 Ronford-Baker Moose bars
1 ARRI Digi-Cine Sony to 19mm bridge adaptor plate
Peli case:
IDX Battery Kit #1 1 IDX Endura E-HL9 88Wh Li-ion V-mount battery E463212
1 IDX Endura E-HL9 88Wh Li-ion V-mount battery E463494
1 IDX Endura E-HL9 88Wh Li-ion V-mount battery E463495
1 IDX Endura E-HL9 88Wh Li-ion V-mount battery E463496
1 IDX Endura E-HL9 88Wh Li-ion V-mount battery E464104
1 IDX Endura E-HL9 88Wh Li-ion V-mount battery F471230
1 IDX VL-4S Simultaneous 4-channel charger K2-04551
1 IEC mains lead
O’Connor 2575D Heavy Duty Head 1 O’Connor 2575D Heavy duty fluid head with Moy fitting C1234-800117
1 O’Connor Moy tie-down nut
1 O’Connor 150mm bowl adaptor
1 O’Connor 150mm bowl tie-down nut
1 O’Connor Euro-plate with quick release wedge (2x screws)
1 O’Connor 2-stage adjustable pan bar
ARRI Ultra Prime Lenses 1 ARRI Ultra Prime 16 T1.9/16mm lens with front and rear caps 8942134
1 ARRI Ultra Prime 24 T1.9/24mm lens with front and rear caps 8941749
1 ARRI Ultra Prime 32 T1.9/32mm lens with front and rear caps 8941743
1 ARRI Ultra Prime 50 T1.9/50mm lens with front and rear caps 8941440
1 ARRI Ultra Prime 85 T1.9/85mm lens with front and rear caps 8941335
1 ARRI Ultra Prime 135 T1.9/135mm lens with front and rear caps 8937071
ARRI LMB-5 Lightweight Matte Box #1 1 ARRI LMB-5 Lightweight two stage matte box
2 ARRI Filter frames 4×5.650
1 ARRI Light shield
4 ARRI Clamp adaptors (80, 95, 110, 114mm)
Ronford-Baker Short Legs #1 1 Ronford-Baker Heavy duty short legs
1 Ronford-Baker Adjustable ground spreader
3 Ronford-Baker Rubber ground spike caps
1 Ronford-Baker Heavy duty Tall legs
1 Ronford-Baker Adjustable ground spreader
3 Ronford-Baker Rubber ground spike caps
Optimo 24-290mm 1 Angeniuex 12x 24-290mm PL Zoom lense with front and back caps, flight case & zoom bar 1588791
2 19mm Long bars
1 LS9 Lens support bracket. 2 parts
1 Bridge plate

Pro Vision: Lens lost/ stolen in transit

Canon FJ HD 35mm Prime Lens (B4 Mount)
Serial Number – 90510039
Provision Barcode – 304812

This lens was taken by a production for testing in May 2014.
The production shoot and testing was based in the Manchester and Liverpool area.
The lens was believed to have been returned to Provision by a production runner with some other equipment at the end of May but this specific lens never arrived.

It is currently unknown if the lens is stolen, missing or lost.

There is currently an insurance claim going through via the production but if you could highlight this missing lens via your website and email list to warn potential buyers to inform us or yourselves if this lens turns up.

Any information:  Contact mark.wallace@itv.com

Daniel Clarke at Multimedia North

A caller purporting to be Daniel Clarke from an organisation called Multimedia North (info@multimedianorth.com), website www.multimedianorth.com has contacted several rental companies requesting high value items.  We have been unable to find sufficient information to verify that this is a genuine and legitimate enquiry.

We would urge rental companies anywhere in the world to take great care and make extensive enquiries before renting equipment to anyone using that name.

UPDATE:  We have received an email from Daniel Clarke which states that, although he designed the website for Multimedia North, he has never requested any equipment, which indicates that he is the victim of impersonation, and that the attempted hire by Multimedia North may be fraudulent.

Fraud alert: Sapient.com

It has come to our notice that certain frauds are being committed by individuals / companies who have been posing as procurement personnel from Sapient and have been placing fake orders using our UK and Houston addresses as the billing address with delivery address as places other than the billing address. To view an example of a fraudulent order, click HERE


They have been sending out credit references to create accounts that might appear trustworthy to you but please DO NOT entertain such requests as they are not coming from Sapient.


If you get an email from suekerr@sapientltd.com or suekerr@sapientltd.net or any email address carrying @sapientltd.com or @sapientltd.net as domain, please consider the same as fraudulent and bring it to our notice. All our email addresses bear the domain @sapient.com

Vehicle Security

There is apparently an issue regarding common types of van, which makes them susceptible to theft.

Considering the value of the kit that companies like us carry, this is worth being aware of.

Thieves can access the vehicle’s computer system via a laptop – this is done via the port in the cab of the van which garages use to run the diagnostics.

With the correct software, thieves can programme a new key for the van with relative ease, then just drive the vehicles away.

It would appear that Mercedes and Ford vans are allegedly, particularly vulnerable to this method.

The thieves follow a vehicle to where it parks up, use a signal jammer to block the fob from reaching the vehicle when the driver tries to lock it, then return later on to steal the vehicle.

The key thing is making sure the vehicle is actually locked – when remote locking systems are used, the vehicle responds with a flash of the lights and / or a little chirrup from the horn.

If a signal jammer is in use, the vehicle won’t respond.

We’ve already seen raids on vehicles from thieves on mopeds, so we know they’re roaming round city centres looking for our vehicles.

It is therefore, worth making sure that crews understand that there is a risk of this happening, to ensure they check that vehicles  really are properly locked.

Stay Gold Ltd

Extreme Rigging have reported this company to us for non return of goods hired, non payment of bills to themselves and others and trading under a multiple of similar IDs and phoenixing the companies to avoid debt liabilities.

04549209 STAY GOLD LIMITED Dissolved
08646565  STAY GOLD LTD.

Address in Shoreditch:
5 Calvert Ave. Shoreditch, London – E2 7JP

They have been reported as not having paid any suppliers for several months. Known debts according to Extreme are Rigging 6 k, Stunts  6k, SFX  5 k and an unknown amount of unpaid crew.

Equipment hired from Extreme Rigging which has not been returned is as follows:

500kg of 12.5 kg stage weight various castings main colour black abandoned by stay gold  at Shepperton studios. (Replacement cost nearly 3000 k plus shipping and vat.)
All bar coded with extreme rigging stickers and or blue paint from C and D rigging.

2 x specialist stunt jerk vests from company called Amspec replacement value £ 2567 plus shipping and import duty from the USA again with bar code and label from extreme rigging
Serial ERJVML0011 and ERJVMM0008

Police have been notified as have the Pinewood Studios group.

Please proceed with caution if asked for credit and make sure you know which of their various entities you are supposedly dealing with.

Alex Levi of Solutions4u

Blue Tuna were contacted on the 21st March by somebody using the name Alex Levi of Solutions4u.

The website seemed unprofessional, the style of language seemed to be similar to somebody using the name of  Maurice Duchamp who had tried to hire from Video Europe the day before and it would appear that they have been trying to place the same hire at several different companies.

If you are approached in a similar way again, if possible please obtain a phone number. (Land line is best).  We can then cross reference the phone number if the fraudster attempts to use different identities. (It’s harder to have large numbers of land line numbers, although not impossible.)


Legal Disclaimer

We do not know if the person concerned was using his real name, or impersonating someone else called Alex Levi.

This attempt to rent equipment may be perfectly legitimate, but we recommend that, if approached by anyone using that name, you make extensive enquiries and act with extreme caution before releasing any kit.



Maurice Duchamp

Video Europe had a protracted debate on the 2oth March with someone using the name Maurice Duchamp, who looks likely to be a potential fraudster.

Mr Duchamp asked for an enormous variety of lenses, not all of which matched his camera requirements.

When pressed for references Mr Duchamp became aggressive and rude.

There was no identifiable online history for Mr Duchamp and his email address ended with @journalist.com which is a free gmx mail.com account.

Please be wary of this individual.


Update: 26 March 2014

A freelance cameraman has contacted the site regarding an advert somebody by the name of Maurice Duchamp has placed here:  http://www.filmandtvpro.com/uk/job_view.php?uid=217347&

Be warned: Another freelance cameraman responded to an advert similar to this and had £12000 of kit stolen. Fraudsters rely on the fact that individuals lack the resources to make adequate checks.


Legal disclaimer

We do not know if the person concerned was using his real name, or impersonating someone else called Maurice Duchamp.

This attempt to rent equipment may be perfectly legitimate, but we recommend that, if approached by anyone using that name, you make extensive enquiries and act with extreme caution before releasing any kit.