Kit stolen from a van – London

Any information:  Please contact Martyn: +44 20 7524 7777


Kit Stolen


Peli 1550 Case Containing:


SO7114           SN: 15653675             1x Zeiss ZF 28mm Lens

SO7120           SN: 15661100             1x Zeiss ZF 35mm Lens

SO7103           SN: 15636698             1x Zeiss ZF 50mm Lens

SO7117           SN: 15650905             1x Zeiss ZF 85mm Lens

SO7132           SN: 15589216             1x Zeiss ZF 100mm Lens


Canon Black And Grey Lens Pouch Containing:



SO9306           SN: 3670710               1x Canon 100mm EF Lens F2.8 (Macro)


Peli 1520 Case Containing:



SO4265           SN: 3773620               1x Sony A7S MK II Camera Body



SO4651           SN: 4002208               1x Sony K1M XLR Audio Unit

SO4652           SN: NSN                                 1x Sony Microphone



SO2759           BN: E8CLA 2EH       1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery

SO4369           SN: E5EKJ1EC          1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery

SO****.                                                          1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery

SO2756           BN: E8CLA 2EH       1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery



SO4382           SN: 15068014453       1x Sony NPFW-50 Battery Charger



SO05939 SN: A1014014232  1x Metabones Speed Booster



2x Sandisk 128GB SD Cards – F10, F21



SO4649           SN: 303-2402              1x Movcam Riser Block

SO4852           SN: 303-2203              1x Movcam LWS Baseplate




Peli 1320 Case Containing:



SO4952           SN: 502-05206            1x SmallHD 502 5” Monitor

SO3057           SN: NSN                                 1x SmallHD 502 Sidefinder




SO3838           SN: NSN                                 1x Canon LP-E6 Battery

SO3112           SN: 502-05206            1x Canon LP-E6N Battery

SO3113           SN: 201607                 1x Canon LP-E6N Battery

SO****           SN: NSN                                 1x Canon LP-E6 Battery



SO4136           SN: XLBA                  1x Canon LCE6-E Battery Charger



SO4338           SN: NSN                                 1x Hawkwoods LR12A DTAP Dummy


S+O Branded Long Canvas Zipped Bag Containing:


SO9415           SN: 0310-1432            1x Dedo 400w HMI Head

SO9416           SN: 0212-4806            1x Dedo 400w HMI Ballast


Large Blue Envelope Style Bag Containing:



1x Flag Kit – 2x Large, 2x Medium, 2x Small (Large Blue Envelope Style Bag)



Large Blue and Grey Crate Containing:



1x 12×12 Black Out Drape


Large Blue and Grey Crate Containing:



1x Box of 13a Extensions – 1x 13a Drum, 1x 13a Cassette, 2x 13a 4 Ways (Large Blue and Grey Crate)


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