Equipment stolen from Focus 24

The following equipment was stolen from a customer on the weekend of the 1st/2nd February 2014, near Bow, London, UK. When further information from the Police regarding the circumstances becomes available, we will share this. Please watch out for offers of this equipment for sale. Please forward to any dealers/brokers/rental houses that you have dealings with.

 Here is a summary:

– ARRI Alexa Classic Plus 16:9 Kit in Flight Case, with cables, accessories etc.

– 5x 64GB SxS Pro Cards.

– ARRI/ZEISS Ultraprime 5-way Set in Flight Case: 16, 24, 32, 50, 85mm.

– ARRI/ZEISS Ultraprime Single Lens in Flight Case: 135mm.

O’Connor 2060 serial 480328 in Flight Case.

– Ronford Baker Tall Legs Moy in Black Hexagonal Case.

– IDX VL-2Plus Charger and 2x IDX Batteries in soft Petrol bag.

– TV Logic 5.6″ Monitor in Flight Case, with cables accessories etc.

– Hawk Woods Reel Power 4×4 Charger and Alexa Reel Power battery plate, loose.

Please report any information to or 0207 033 6555.

Full list of stolen items below:


ALEXA 16:9 PLUS Body, s/n 4348
Lens Cap, Aerial, Top Handle CCH-1
IDX Battery Plate, SD Card
Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1
Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-2
Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-1
Handle Extension Block HEB-2
19mm Bridge Plate BP-12
Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-1
Levelling Block LB-1
Shoulder Pad with Velcro SP-3
12″ Dovetail Plate
Large Noga Arm
Ronford Baker Moose Bars
2x Moose Bar Extenders 160mm
5-pin XLR to dual 3-pin XLR lead
3-Pin to Fisher 24V Alexa Power Lead
Short & Medium EVF Cables KC150-S/KC151-S
Ethernet Cable KC153-S
Short BNC Cable x2
Long & Short 19mm Bars x2
Short 15mm Bars x2
Sonnet Thunderbolt Card Reader & Cable
Sony USB3 Card Reader + USB3 Cable
64GB SxS PRO Card s/n DEKC1011
64GB SxS PRO Card s/n DEKC1012
64GB SxS PRO Card s/n DEKC1013
64GB SxS PRO Card s/n DEKC1015
64GB SxS PRO Card s/n DEKH1198
Small & Large Allen Key
Metal (Casedesign) Case
ARRI/ZEISS Ultraprimes
16mm s/n 8944806
24mm s/n 8943849
32mm s/n 8944553
50mm s/n 8944347
85mm s/n 8944572
Metal (Casedesign) Case 5-way
135mm s/n 8946089
Metal (Casedesign) Case single
OConnor Head 2060
2060  s/n 480328
Tie Down
Telescopic Arm
13″ Sliding Base Plate
Snap Plate
3/8″ Screws x4
1/4″ Screws x2
Metal Case
Ronford Baker Tall Legs (Moy)
Legs s/n 6011414
Spreaders s/n 112819
IDX Batt System
Small IDX Charger VL-2PLUS s/n K1-20219
IDX Batts x2
Kettle Lead
Petrol Bag
TVLogic 5.6″
Monitor & Sony Battery Plate s/n VF056L2667
Acrylic Screen Protecter
Battery Sony L-ion x3
Battery Charger
Phono Adapter, Barrel & Right Angle
AC Adapter
Manfrotto 492LCD Hot Shoe Ball Head
HDMI-mini HDMI Cable  x2
BNC Cable x2
IEC C13 ‘Kettle’ Mains Power Lead
IEC C7 ‘Figure-8’ Mains Power Lead
Noga Arm w/15mm Clamp
RS – Mini XLR Power Cable
Metal (Casedesign) Case
Hawk Woods Reel Power
Reel Power 4×4 Charger
Reel Power Alexa Plate

Please report any information to or 0207 033 6555.

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