International Film & Moving Image (London) – Fraud

On May 12th, a large amount of kit was fraudulently hired by people claiming to be from International Film & Moving Image (London).
Names given were James Ashbey & Jane Firenze.
The references they gave (Media HQ & Lighting Hire LTD) turned out to be false.
Kit was collected by an individual who used the name Billy Mansell – using a passport as ID.  A small extract from that is below, featuring a photograph of him.


Items taken were:

Arri Master Anamorphics:

50mm SN 8953389

75mm SN 8953513

35mm SN 8953823

100mm SN 8953824

Other Lenses

Optimo DP 30-80 Lens SN 2061222

Arri Alura 45-250 Lens SN 6360383

Camera Equipment

Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 Camera SN 1188

ALEXA EVF-1 Viewfinder SN 5082

Hawkweed XB chargers SN VX-5225, VX-5227, VX 5375

Hawkwood Floor Batteries SN VC-5382, VX-5385

4 Way IDX Charger SN K2-07198

Sony SXS Card Reader SN 11553

Hawkwood Floor Battery  SN 29 – 1695

TV Logic VFM-056WP Monitor SN 2660

DV-970 Charger  SN DV3940

Arri FF-4 Studio Follow Focus  SN 5464

Ronford Baker Spreaders  SN 111377, 117250

Ronford  Baker Short Legs – MoyFitting SN 6010241

Ronford Baker Tall Legs – Moy Fitting SN 6011618

O’Connor 2575B FLUID HEAD SN C1234-110740


If you have any information regarding this crime, please contact Yosh Kominsky on 0207 625 9829 or email at

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