Kit stolen from hotel room

Kit belonging to Robert Pike stolen from a hotel room on the night of Friday 11 Dec 2015, at the Hill Valley Hotel and golf course in Whitchurch, Shropshire.  If you have any information, please contact us.

The following items were taken:

Sony PMW 500 serial no 10145 with HDVF viewfinder serial no 1210267 Canon HJ17ex 7.6B Standard High Def zoom lens serial n0: 01311404 and 7090651Q Canon HJ11ex x 4.7B Wide High Def Zoom Lens serial no: 00715296 and 80317MQ

Sony LMD 9050 colour High Def monitor serial no: 1300372   in prta brace soft bag

Teredek   Bolt wireless system tx unit Y3HCB880120120409 transmitter

And Teredek Bolt receiver unit Y3HCB380120120425 Datavideo TLM 700 HD colour monitor 00297922 with soft carrying case

8 x Swit v lock camera batteries 4 x S81925 and 4 x S8110s IDX VL – 4S Battery charger K200890 VALUE £700 Petrel Matte box and bars with sony base plate. Format 5 x 4.65 clear UV glass filter XLR sound tails

64gb   Sony SXS card

3 x black peli cases and 1 x charcoal

Black camera body cover cover

Various BNC cables and hirose power cables Hawkswood V Lock power adapter

Name labels are on the majority of the kit.



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