‘Phillip McKinnell’ and ‘Caroline Roberts’

247Kit have been the victims of what may be a fraudulent hire. Since hiring, the client has not returned the kit or responded to phone calls or emails.

Itms taken were as follows :

Canon 5DMKIII                 13023000390

Canon 5DMKIII                 13023001091

Canon EF 16-35                 4431316

Canon EF 16-35                 9730237

Canon EF 24-70                 3125002367

Canon EF 24-70                 3125002362

Canon EF 70-200               306001244

Canon EF 70-200               306001245


Manfrotto 504HD             F0413960

Manfrotto 504HD             F1246201

The cameras were in distinctive Urban Camo Portabrace bags and the lenses were in 2x  custom Tan 3 lens cut-out Pelicases.

Kit was booked by an individual using the name “Phillip McKinnnell” of 64 Winfield road, Lakenheath, IP27 9HR and was collected by his supposed girlfriend who used the name “Caroline Roberts” (in a dark blue Audi – reg GY54 YYG).Important note:  It is entirely possible that ‘Mr McKinnell’ or ‘Miss Roberts’ are pseudonyms, or that real individuals with those names have  been the victims of identity theft.  Nothing  on this site should in any way be taken as indicative of the guilt or innocence, (or the involvement in fraudulent activity), of anyone whose details are published here.

Phone number given was  07845939203 and email phillipmck2005@gmail.com

If you have any information regarding this matter, especially the whereabouts of Ms Roberts, please contact Greg at 247Kit on 020 7631 4455, hire@247kit.tv www.247kit.tv




This is “Ms Roberts” , who collected the kit which has not been returned.

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