Privacy Statement

Xhire Anti Fraud Network Privacy Policy


Xhire does not hold personal information, apart from an email address list, which is held by a GDPR compliant organisation, on encrypted servers, and is never used for any purpose other than to permit peer to peer emailing to members of the group.  No data is ever passed to any third party, and the list will never be used for marketing purposes.

Users and Xhire member companies  MUST comply with all existing data protection legislation when using this service. Failure to do so will result in membership being terminated.

Personal information can only be published on this website, or shared with the Xhire mailing list with the express written permission of the person concerned.  We will need to obtain a copy of that permission before the data is published or shared.

Xhire emails should NEVER be shared or forwarded to anybody outside the Xhire network.  Failure to comply will also result in termination of membership.

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