Stay Gold Ltd

Extreme Rigging have reported this company to us for non return of goods hired, non payment of bills to themselves and others and trading under a multiple of similar IDs and phoenixing the companies to avoid debt liabilities.

04549209 STAY GOLD LIMITED Dissolved
08646565  STAY GOLD LTD.
Address in Shoreditch:
5 Calvert Ave. Shoreditch, London – E2 7JP

They have been reported as not having paid any suppliers for several months. Known debts according to Extreme are Rigging 6 k, Stunts  6k, SFX  5 k and an unknown amount of unpaid crew.

Equipment hired from Extreme Rigging which has not been returned is as follows:

500kg of 12.5 kg stage weight various castings main colour black abandoned by stay gold  at Shepperton studios. (Replacement cost nearly 3000 k plus shipping and vat.)
All bar coded with extreme rigging stickers and or blue paint from C and D rigging.

2 x specialist stunt jerk vests from company called Amspec replacement value £ 2567 plus shipping and import duty from the USA again with bar code and label from extreme rigging
Serial ERJVML0011 and ERJVMM0008

Police have been notified as have the Pinewood Studios group.

Please proceed with caution if asked for credit and make sure you know which of their various entities you are supposedly dealing with.

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