Stolen Kit: California USA Dec 8th 2014

Received via web form:

Your Name         : Brian Dzyak

Your organisation : Freelance Cameraman

Telephone         : +18183263728

E-mail Address   :

Name(s) of fraudulent hirer.: Stolen by unknown

Name of fraudulent organisation, address and website if available: Stolen by unknown

List the main items of kit stolen.: Sony F5 Camera Body S/N 100312

DVL350 LCD ViewfinderS/N 0120111

Fuji Cabrio19-90mm lens S/N 7005128

NanoFlash Unit/Cable kit S/N 0810302

Sennheiser mic MKH416 P48

How was the fraud carried out? Please supply as much detail as possible.: Truck stolen from garage in Encino, California USA December 8, 2014.

Police details and crime number: LAPD West Valley Division (Los Angeles, CA)

GTA-487 (D)(1)PC


Any other information you wish to share with the broadcast hire community: Photos of the equipment stolen with serial numbers can be seen at

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