Stolen kit recovered – Xhire success story

In September 2014, Sven Joukes asked Xhire to list some stolen kit which had been stolen from him by a bogus film maker:

The kit was later advertised on Gumtree, and a sharp eyed member of the public spotted it, and checked whether it was stolen on Google.  He then notified Sven, who notified the Police.  Unusually, the Met (Charing Cross Police Station) took action immediately, and the kit was recovered the next day, and the seller was arrested.

Yesterday, after a long bureaucratic process, Sven was reunited with his lenses.

According to Sven,

“It has been quite a ride, but it’s great to know that the production community is actually very caring when it comes to this sort of stuff. I can only say I hope that everyone is as vigilant and active as the 2 people who contacted me in the first place and laid the foundation for solving this crime.

Thanks to you as well for running the site!”

Please remember to list all stolen kit with us, Azule and PLASA, as there is always a chance that somebody might spot it.



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