Xhire List Guide

The Xhire mailing list provides a means for members to share information about fraud and theft in the broadcast hire industry.  To get the most out of the service, please read our guidelines below:

  1. Main objective: The list is mainly meant as a means of alerting other members to incidences of fraud and theft, or requesting information about potential hirers, if you are suspicious about them.  It can also be used to share information, such as new stolen kit databases, or ideas on anti fraud procedures.
  2. Credit information: The list can also be used to share information about people who rent kit, return it, but do not pay their bills.  However, credit information will never be added to the Xhire website or made public.  All information shared must be in compliance with the Data Protection Acts.
  3. Security: Approximately 200 people receive Xhire mailings, all of whom work for or are owners of relevant companies. Unless companies vet all their employees, there is always a possibility that somebody could deliberately or inadvertently pass on information.  Therefore please do not post details of Police investigations, sting operations, etc.    Also, keep arrest details secret, as there may be accomplices who could be alerted.  Please do share details of convictions, though, as we all like good news.
  4. Advertising:  The list may not be used to advertise any other organisation or trade association.  However, see 5 (c) below.
  5. Examples of the effective use of the list:
    a)  I have had a request from a Mr Camerathief of Dodgy Films for 50 Alexas to go to Afghanistan for a major shoot.  Has anybody else rented kit to them? Does anybody know anything about them?
    b) We rented kit to Thieving Films and it has not been returned. They have now disappeared. Here is a list of the stolen kit.
    c) A private investigation company managed to recover a large amount of kit for us.  I can thoroughly recommend them.  For details, please email me privately.
  6. Please don’t engage in long conversations on Xhire.  If you want to email an individual member, please get their address and contact them individually.  Please only send messages which you intend that the entire group will receive. (In other words, please don’t just click on ‘reply’!)
  7. Xhire website: Where appropriate, information about fraudsters, or potential fraudsters received via the mailing list will be added to the Xhire website.  Please state in your post if you do not wish your information to be made public.
  8. Queries and suggestions: If you have any comments, please contact us.

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