Luckwinder Singh trading as Luxry Ltd has hired goods and not returned them. Luxry Ltd is actually a chauffeur company which is in dissolution and may be unconnected with this issue.

From information provided to us, it very much appears that the person presenting himself as Mr Singh may be using an assumed name and false identity documents. Please do not hire to him if he approaches you.

Currently outstanding are a

  • C300 Mk2 kit, SN 963282600142
  • Canon Cine-e lens set
    • 14mm – 92811450
    • 24mm – 92912262
    • 35mm – 93711200
    • 50mm – 93012276
    • 85mm – 93112383
    • 135mm – 93211232
  • and a Sachtler FSB10 tripod
    • Head: S2046D191132
    • Legs: S20521901535
    • Spreader: S20561901398

If you are offered these goods for sale please contact James at Cameraworks on 020 7729 2992



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