Sakaria Abdallah Mohammed – theft by theft.

Mohaammed Abdallah Sakaria



Someone using the (possibly false) name of  Sakaria Abdallah Mohammed hired a large quantity of equipment from Darryl Wood in August 2019 and failed to return it.

He claimed that he himself had been robbed.

We are led to believe that the camera was sold way below its value to an individual who goes by the name B-Dot.

If you come across any of the following items or can assist in identifying any of these individuals, please contact Darryl at

smirror at internode dot on dot net or email us here at Xhire.

Note:  It is possible that Mr Mohammed was the victim of identity theft, and that the documents used were either forged or stolen.   Nothing  on this site should in any way be taken as indicative of the guilt or innocence, (or the involvement in fraudulent activity), of anyone whose details are published here.  There are other individuals with that name.  The image above was taken from the identity documents supplied by the hirer, and may or may not depict the person who rented the equipment.

Red Weapon Camera Brain sn 708

  • PL Mount
  • Top handle
  • EVF Viewfinder
  • Wooden Camera View Finder arm
  • 7” Touch Screen
  • 2x 19mm rods 18” long
  • 2x 19mm top rods 8” carbon fibre
  • Quick Release Base plate
  • Sliding dovetail plate 12”
  • Gold Mount power back
  • 2 x Red Cards 512gb
  • 1 x Red Cards 1tb
  • Card reader
  • CablesArri MB19 Matte box
  • 95mm adaptor plate/ring
  • Top Flag
  • Swing Away Arm

page1image30825216 page1image30831744

Arri FF Follow Focus

  • 2 marking discs
  • Crank
  • Right side knob
  • Whip



Ultra prime lenses

  • 16mm sn 8945457
  • 24mm sn 8945185
  • 32mm sn 895730
  • 50mm sn 8945086
  • 85mm sn 8945807Filters 4” x 5.65”1 x IR/ND Platinum 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2Power


  • 1 x 4 Channel chargers
  • 4 x 12v Gold Mount batteries
  • 1 x power cableSachtler 80
  • Snap Plate
  • Pan Handles (2)Tripod Tall,
  • Spreader
  • Case Tripod Small
  • Spreader
  • Case Hi-Hat



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