Emmanuel Sonowo (7ucky 7n) – fake hire under assumed name.

In late December Emmanuel Sonowo (7ucky 7n) stole Cooke Lenses, an FX6 kit & Sachtler Flowtech 75MM from Moonshine. He used a fake identity under the name Chane Gallo & Tina Williams of Alessio Visions.

We have so far recovered the Cooke Lenses, however, our FX6 Kit & Sachtler Flowtech 75mm FSB 8 Tripod are yet to be returned.

He has committed similar crimes before .

He is apparently using  the social media tag name 7ucky 7n.

Items not yet recovered are:

Sony FX6 Serial Number:


Sachtler Flowtech 75mm FSB 8 Head:
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