Film and Broadcast Sound Limited

REC – a rental house in Rome have had a large set of Arri Signature Primes stolen by fraudulent hire.

The set consists of:

15mm T1.8    27959
18mm T1.8    31934
21mm T1.8    88798
25mm T1.8    44025
35mm T1.8    28803
40mm T1.8    95411
58mm T1.8    30952
75mm T1.8    87807
95mm T1.8    71628
125mm T1.8  45364

The hire was booked in the name of a legitimate company – Film and Broadcast Sound limited but the owner of the company has had his ID stolen.

Here is the report from REC

We’ve been contacted for one day shooting rental and as always we have proceeded. These people wrote under the name of FILM & BROADCAST SOUND LIMITED Production based in UK. The certificate of insurance came from one of the most important English insurance companies called GALLAGHER
ENTERTAINMENT. We have received personal passports of the people involved but all was a fake. Equipment was rent on Friday 23rd and had to return this morning Monday 26th. Later on Monday we called Gallagher entertainment to ask if the certificate we have was ok but they confirmed that it was not. They confirmed that these people have stolen identity to the companies above mentioned and they are renting equipment around the world without returning it. The insurance company received more calls for the same issue.

If you have any information please email this site or else contact REC direct at:

PH. +39.(0)6.4390467/43599480

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