Film Street Productions

There has been a fraudulent attempt to hire by somebody using the name of Salvatore Sparace of Film Street Productions.

Mr Sparace is a real person, whose identity and company name has been hijacked.

One company was contacted for Master Primes, on the understanding that there was a hire placed elsewhere for an Alexa.

On checking up on the Alexa hire, it turned out to  be imaginary.

Subsequent to this, checks on the insurance provided, also revealed it to be fraudulent.

The domain in use was only registered on the 2nd October – just days before the attempted hire.

Mr Sparace has ben contacted via a company he is genuinely involved with, to alert him to the fact that his name is being used and is reporting the matter to the authorities.

He is no longer living at the address being used, which has been sold and is now a rental property.

Should you be contacted by anybody from Film Street Productions, please proceed with caution and report it to Xhire.

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