Kit stolen from freelance cameraman – Belgium

It seems that freelance cameramen are particularly vulnerable to theft.  The web form submission below is a very good example of the methods crooks use to steal kit, and destroy the livelihoods of freelancers.

If you have any information regarding this theft, or are offered any of the kit for sale, please contact Xhire, the Belgian police, or Sven Joukes directly.

Your Name         : Sven Joukes

Your organisation : Freelance Cameraman

Telephone         : +32 478 275 014

E-mail Address   :

Name(s) of fraudulent hirer.: Shawn Lacy Name of fraudulent organisation, address and website if available: Don’t know, but probably not Universal Music Group.

List the main items of kit stolen.: Sony PMW-F5 s/n 0120126 OLED VF for F5 s/n 0102095 ZEISS CP.2 LENSES PL 15MM s/n 50001397 25MM s/n 50007026 35MM s/n 50034633 50MM s/n 50027835 85MM s/n 50030029 Canon 5D mkIII body Canon EF 16-35 mkII Canon EF 24-70

How was the fraud carried out? Please supply as much detail as possible.: Belgian prod. was contacted by British ‘prod’ to provide gear for shoot in Brussels. Upon arrival they get the gear, create chaos re: location etc., then take off with the gear

Police details and crime number: Brussels Police: +32 2 2797979 Crime nr: BR.20.LL.107306/2014 (date 24/09/2014

Update: Thanks to this listing, the stolen lenses were recovered, having been found for sale in London on Gumtree. A member of the public who realised the price they were selling for was a little too good to be true, took a note of one of the serial numbers and googled it.


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