Alex Levi of Solutions4u

Blue Tuna were contacted on the 21st March by somebody using the name Alex Levi of Solutions4u.

The website seemed unprofessional, the style of language seemed to be similar to somebody using the name of  Maurice Duchamp who had tried to hire from Video Europe the day before and it would appear that they have been trying to place the same hire at several different companies.

If you are approached in a similar way again, if possible please obtain a phone number. (Land line is best).  We can then cross reference the phone number if the fraudster attempts to use different identities. (It’s harder to have large numbers of land line numbers, although not impossible.)


Legal Disclaimer

We do not know if the person concerned was using his real name, or impersonating someone else called Alex Levi.

This attempt to rent equipment may be perfectly legitimate, but we recommend that, if approached by anyone using that name, you make extensive enquiries and act with extreme caution before releasing any kit.



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