Maurice Duchamp

Video Europe had a protracted debate on the 2oth March with someone using the name Maurice Duchamp, who looks likely to be a potential fraudster.

Mr Duchamp asked for an enormous variety of lenses, not all of which matched his camera requirements.

When pressed for references Mr Duchamp became aggressive and rude.

There was no identifiable online history for Mr Duchamp and his email address ended with which is a free gmx account.

Please be wary of this individual.


Update: 26 March 2014

A freelance cameraman has contacted the site regarding an advert somebody by the name of Maurice Duchamp has placed here:

Be warned: Another freelance cameraman responded to an advert similar to this and had £12000 of kit stolen. Fraudsters rely on the fact that individuals lack the resources to make adequate checks.


Legal disclaimer

We do not know if the person concerned was using his real name, or impersonating someone else called Maurice Duchamp.

This attempt to rent equipment may be perfectly legitimate, but we recommend that, if approached by anyone using that name, you make extensive enquiries and act with extreme caution before releasing any kit.






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