Kit stolen from hirer

Kit rented by Video Europe to James John Media, then stolen by their ‘client who commissioned a shoot.  (Note:  James John Media are in no way responsible for the theft.)

This is becoming an increasingly common method for stealing kit: Commission a cameraman to create a film, drive him to a location, and then separate him from the kit by trick.

In this case, James John’s cameraman / videographer was picked up from his home in Reading on 17 December 2015, in a Red Transporter Taxi  and then driven to Video Europe’s office to collect the kit.

They then travelled to a café location, en route collecting a camera assistant. When they arrived at the location, the kit was left in the cab with the driver. The camera assistant popped out for a cigarette. 5 mins later our client went out to see where the assistant was to find the assistant and the taxi gone.

He has been trying to get hold of his client but the phone is off. As of now it appears that the kit has been stolen.

Any information: Contact us

Stolen items:

C300 PL Camcorder kit with , Batts and 2 x 32Gb Cards  23021007544
ME64 Top Mic   14373
32Gb CF Cards VE324/VE71
Sachtler 18 13311
Canon 5D MKIII 2420833107624
Canon 24-105mm EF Lens   5190771

Arri Ultra Primes:

16mm   8949559
24mm  8941538
32mm  8942344
50mm   8941548
85mm  8941263
135mm nk
Tripod 0598398
Alura 18-80 Lens  6350081
FF5  2360








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