Stolen Kit – Peer to Peer Rental

The following kit has been stolen from a renter using a peer to peer rental website.

We advise against using P2P sites.  You might make a few pounds renting out your kit, but users are generally not properly vetted, and there is a serious risk you will lose everything, as happened below:


Name used: Jemima Morakinyo (Note:  This may be a pseudonym, or the identity documents of an innocent person with that name may have been used.)

Police details and crime number: 0311096/18


The kit was hired out through a peer to peer rental site called motion tribe.


Users sign up with their ID and their information and then all insurance and payments are made through the company.


An enquiry was made for my kit which seemed legitimate. However, as all the details are through the company I was unable to verify personally. You have to trust the security procedures of the business.


When they came to pick up the kit they seemed to not fully know about the settings which seemed dodgy but the rental terms had already been agreed, and they had already paid the company for use of the camera.


Of course, once the hire was made the person stopped replying to email and text messages and the kit hasn’t been delivered back.


Kit List

Description         Serial

Canon C300 Mark II, EF Mount Body        961100000031

Canon C300 Mark II, Monitor Unit            N/A

Canon C300 Mark II, Eye cup       N/A

Canon UN-10 Auxiliary cable       N/A

Canon UN-10 Auxiliary cable       N/A

Canon C300 Mark II, Top Handle                N/A

Canon C300 Mark II, Control Grip              N/A

Canon top handle screws x 2      N/A

Canon Allen Key               N/A

Canon BP-A60   201509A

Canon BP-A60   201703B

Canon BP-A30   2001509A

Canon CG-A10 Battery Charger  8985

IEC Mains Connector      N/A

Delkin CFast 2.0 256gb Media     05011725781

Delkin CFast 2.0 256gb Media     11271725781

SanDisk 64GB Extreme SD card  BN1603550750G

Yellow CFast Neewer Card Box  N/A

Lexar Professional Workflow CR1 CFast card reader with USB cable          24050272201392

Pellican 1510 Case Black N/A

Sony ECM-NV1 Top Mic N/A

If you see any of this kit, contact Xhire, or your local Police.

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